Letter Writing.

Letters should contain certain pieces of information in the correct order:

1 the full address of the sender including the postcode in the UK.

2 the date the letter was written.

3 the receiver's name.

4 the information. (The letter itself that is.)

5 the correct ending.

6 the sender's name.

Beginnings and endings of letters vary according to whom you are sending the letter.

To someone you do not know:

Dear Sir,

Dear Madam,

Dear Sir or Madam,

Yours truly or Yours faithfully + your signature.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cockcroft,

Yours truly or Yours sincerely + your signature.

Dear Paul and Julie,

Yours affectionately or Yours ever + your first name.

Dear Mum,

Dear Dad,

Dear Grandma,

Love from + your first name.