Sharing money and sweets

  1. Helen has 24p. How many fizzy bottles can she buy?
    If she shares the bottles between herself and two friends then how many sweets will each child get?

  2. John and his three friends have 40p. How many chocolate mice can they buy with the money? If they share out the sweets equally between them then how many chocolate mice will they get each?

  3. Alan, Colin and Julie have 27p altogether. If they share the money equally between themselves then how much money will they get each?
    How many sherbet UFOs could each child buy with their share of the money?

  4. Laura, Jake and Oliver share 90p between them. How much money will each child get?
    How many chocolate mice could Laura buy?
    How many fizzy bottles could Jake buy?
    How many sherbet UFOs could Oliver buy?
    How many sweets will they have altogether?

  5. Tim buys 24 chocolate mice. How much money will this cost him?
    He makes up some bags of sweets to give out at his birthday party.
    If he puts four chocolate mice in each bag then how many bags can he make up?