Santa Drama. (J. Long 1996.)


Learning Area/Outcomes






Reason for writing.

Writing has meaning.

Children write letters to Santa asking him for what they want for Christmas.

Not in role.

What would we like for Christmas?

Writing a letter.

Pre-requisite belief building



Speaking and listening skills.

Taking turns .

Show sensitivity to others.

Take initiative.

Respond to the fiction.

Children receive a letter from Santa saying that he is ill, and will have to cancel Christmas as he has no-one to help him.

Teacher narrator .

Children in role as themselves.

Listen to Santa’s letter.

What do you think about that?

How can we help?

What do we need to do/know?

How can we find out?


Group discussion.


Take turns.

Use vocabulary to express thoughts.

Respond imaginatively

engaging in the fiction.

Children decide to visit Santa and I ask them where he lives, and what it looks like and we draw it.

Teacher narrator.

Children as experts.

Where does he live?

What is it like?

Collective drawing.


Letter writing.

Decide how to get there.

Write to Santa to tell him we are coming.

Teacher as scribe.

Children as themselves.

How will we get to Santa?

Letter writing.

Letter writing.


Work well in a group.


Clothing for weather.

Suspend belief.

Take part in role- play .

Children dress for trip.

Travel to Santa’s house.

Resources; cut- out transport shapes. Grotto at far end of hall.

Teacher narrator.

Children as themselves.

Traveling to Santa’s home.

Group role-play.


Taking turns and sharing.

Sensitivity to others.

Show feelings of joy wonder or sorrow.

Take initiative.

Use imagination.

Reasons for writing.

Arrive at the house and go in to visit Santa who is in bed poorly. Talk to him about how we can help him and write a list.

Resources; easel, paper and pen.

Partner in role as Santa.

Teacher narrator.

Children as themselves.


How can we help Santa?

Partner in role.

Group role play.



Select an activity

and the resources.

Return home and plan what we are going to do and what we will need to do it.

Teacher narrator.

Children as themselves.

What will we do now?

What resources do we need?

Follow up work.


Work independently.

Engage in imaginative play.

Take turns and share.


Explore and select materials.

Use equipment appropriately.

Sort, match, count.

Talk about their observations.

Children will make a workshop in the role-play area and develop the theme through their own play.

They will create a picture of Santa in bed and the writing area will be equipped for them to write letters to him.

He will send them replies about his progress.

Children as themselves.

Teacher and N.N.E.B. to assist children as appropriate.


Follow up work as decided by the children in their own choice activity time.




Respond to a cultural event.

Letter from Santa thanking them for their help.

Not in role.

Thank you from Santa.


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