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'But You Promised!'
By Bel Mooney

Kevin Kerr has contributed these guided reading questions. As always, any more resources for this book would be gratefully received!

General Questions
What was the reason mum gave for not getting a dog?
What was the name of Kitty's favourite toy?
What happened on Christmas day?
What do you think is meant by, 'getting out of bed on the wrong side'?
What happened when Kitty slammed the living room door very hard?
How did her parents react?
Why did Kitty hide under the round table?
What was the doctor's name?
Why was kitty angry?
How did her dad get her to smile?
What was the craze at Kitty's school?
Was Kitty happy to see Aunt Susan?
What was Melissa like?
What did Kitty miss during the night?
What did Daniel call salad?
Who came to visit dad?
What did they have for dinner?
Who was the new girl in Kitty's class?
What promise did she make?
What happened on Sports Day?
What did Rosie say was IMPORTANT?
Why was William sad?
Why did Kitty feel funny when she heard Williams's mum promise that Copper would be fine?
How was 'I promise' explained to Kitty by her mum?
What happened on Saturday morning?
What had dad forgotten?
What did Kitty and Daniel do?


1. Explain Kitty's relationship with Mr Tubs.
2. What else does Kitty call him apart from Mr Tubs?
3. Describe your favourite cuddly toy either from when you were younger or now.

Throughout the book the author has used CAPITAL LETTERS on certain words find some examples and describe how you might read the sections and how they may differ from the usual lower case text.

Explain why Kitty was so frightened of the dentist

'William's cat was very old'. Describe in your own words what happened to it

Copy out this passage. Circle the preposition and underline the connectives.
The plane was on the runway while the pilot waited for the all clear. He was in the cabin talking to the crew because they needed the new plan. Inside the plane, the passengers knew nothing so continued to eat and drink. Outside, the luggage was being removed but nobody knew why. However, soon it was all clear.

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun (or pronoun) and some other word in the sentence. A connective is a word or a phrase that join ideas together. A phrase is a part of a sentence that has two or more words that cannot make sense on its own or has no verb. A verb is a doing or being word.

Find out what the following prefixes mean.
tri anti ultra sub retro mono semi
Write down two examples of words, which use these prefixes.


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