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Classroom Management Aids

  • 5 Minute Timer (Debbie Jones) Flash (web) MS Powerpoint Downloadable Program
  • 10 Minute Timer (Katie Polden) MS Powerpoint
  • 10 Second Timer (Sarah Battersby) Flash (web) MS Powerpoint Downloadable Program
  • 10 Minute Countdown (Charlotte Winterbottom) MS Powerpoint
  • Table Points (Neil Wells) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Fuse Timer (Matt Dando) MS Powerpoint
  • PE Changing Timer (Matt Dando) MS Powerpoint
  • PE Dressing Timer (Matt Dando) MS Powerpoint
  • Noise Traffic Lights (Kim Barnes) MS Powerpoint
  • Noise-o-meter (Rachel Creese) MS Powerpoint
  • Noise Monitor (Lucy Bonfield) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Noise Level Chart (Scott Haxton) DOC
  • Friendship Fairy (Julie Scherer)
  • Class Rules (Lynn Seaton)
  • Golden Rules (Aulikki Cassimatis) DOC
  • Golden Rules Display (Hayley Roberts) DOC
  • Good Listeners (Jennie Cornfield) PDF
  • It's Easier to be Good Poem (Madeline Napier) DOC
  • 1 Minute Timer (Robin Jarvis) MS Powerpoint
  • 5 Minute Timer (Robin Jarvis) MS Powerpoint
  • 10 Minute Timer (Robin Jarvis) MS Powerpoint
  • 10 Minute Group Work Timer (Susie McAuley) MS Powerpoint
  • 2 Minute "Bumblebee" Timer (Peter Barnett) MS Powerpoint
  • Simple Traffic Light (Stewart J. Davies) Flash (web) Downloadable Program
  • I Need / I Don't Need (Sharon Agius) MS Powerpoint
  • Traffic Light Management System (Thema Looby) MS Powerpoint (Zipped)
  • Traffic Light Behaviour (Scott Haxton) PDF
  • Traffic Lights (Vicky Frampton) DOC
  • Traffic Light Cards (Sarah Swarbrick) DOC
  • Talk Time
  • Catch You Being Good (Lisa Dunn) DOC
  • Classroom Rules (Venesser Pate) DOC
  • Class Contract (Christee Dalzell) DOC
  • Noise Level Barometer (Jill Hoskins)
  • Anger Management Cards (Nicola Brierley) DOC
  • Monitor Badges (Laura Roberts) DOC

Pupil Aids, Target Sheets & Checklists

  • Calming Down (Boy) (George Timlin)
  • Individual Goals (Julie Scherer)
  • Behaviour Checklist (L Stonier) DOC
  • Targets Sheet (Katie Polden) DOC
  • Thinking About My Behaviour (Rachael Cooper) DOC
  • Going for a Goal (Mark Norman) DOC
  • Layered Targets Sticker (Philip Tarnawskyj) DOC
  • Stickers: "We Worked Together" (Sarah Borg) DOC
  • Stickers: "I Worked With" (Sarah Borg) DOC
  • Stickers: "I Did This On My Own" (Sarah Borg) DOC
  • Individual Tuition Plan (Word Version) (Martin Lowej) DOC
  • Feelings Graph (Mandy Aldridge) DOC
  • Student Voice (Bruce Smith) DOC
  • Calming Down (Girl) (George Timlin)
  • "My Targets" Sheet (Lisa Carrie) DOC
  • Target Success Charts (Lisa Daniels) DOC
  • Individual Target Setting Booklet (Rhys Johnston) DOC
  • My Feelings Diary (Rachael Cooper) DOC
  • Target Sheet (Kate Edwards) DOC
  • Working with Pace Sticker (Philip Tarnawskyj) DOC
  • Attitudes to School (Lisa Carrie) DOC
  • Reward Book (Adam French) PDF
  • Conduct Card (Sadia Sultan) DOC
  • Behaviour Sheet (Simon Howard) PDF
  • My Target Sheet (Ben Etherington) DOC
  • The Tiny People and the Talking Sticks



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