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I'm having problems opening some of the resources...
You can find a list of the different software you need to open all the files on the site on this page of the FAQs. The way in which the Primary Resources website works hasn't changed in over twelve years. If you have recently started experiencing problems accessing the resources (where they worked before) then it is likely to be a local issue due to a change in your computer/software configuration. Updates to Microsoft's Internet Explorer & Office or Adobe's PDF Reader programs frequently cause issues for users of the site. Workarounds to common problems including right-clicking and saving the file to your computer (rather than left-clicking and opening directly), disabling add-ons (if these are causing the issues) or using an alternative browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

Some newer versions of Internet Explorer incorrectly download Smart Notebook files (with the .notebook extension) as .zip files. This is an issue with Smart's file format, not the Primary Resources site. Some versions of Smart Notebook install a browser plugin that helps solve this problem, otherwise use the right-click file saving method mentioned above and manually delete and change the .zip extension to .notebook. The Nelson Maths site has a useful walkthrough.

Can I use the resources on this site in my own classroom?
Yes. The resources on this site may be freely used in primary classrooms in any part of the world. You may cut and paste material and adapt them as you see fit provided you do not distribute the material to others. The resources may also be used in any nursery, secondary, special and adult education settings where they would be appropriate. They may also be used in after school clubs. Please read the terms and conditions of use of the site.

Can I use the resources at home with my own children?
Yes, you may use them at home for educational purposes. We always recommend consulting your child's teacher before doing so to check that the material is suitable. The resources may also be used by people who are home schooling their children. Please read the terms and conditions of use of the site. Unfortunately we cannot provide answer keys to the worksheets on the site.

Can I use the resources anywhere else?
The material on this website is protected by international copyright law. It may not be used outside the above situations without the written permission of the site owner. The material may not be distributed in any other way other than through this web site.It may not be reproduced (or adapted) and sold by individuals, publishers or any other institution. The material on this site may not be distributed on a disk, CD-ROM, website, email, as part of a magazine or LEA publication without written permission. The site (or parts of it, including .htm, .pdf or .swf files) may not be stored as part of an intranet without express written permission from Primary Resources. Downloading resources from this website and selling them (e.g. via Ebay) is illegal.

Can I use graphics/photographs from this site on my own site?
No. The graphics (where they are not clipart included in contributors worksheets) were produced solely for the use of this site. I will quite happily produce cartoon graphics of the type used on this site for other sites, for a fee. Graphics on this site may not be incorporated into other resources for use elsewhere.

Photographs contributed by users of this site may be used in teachers (or students) own presentations or resources for non-commercial educational purposes only. Resources produced in this manner may be distributed to others (but not placed on another website) as long as the photos are appropriately credited and a fee is not being charged for the resources (or providing them). Please contact us if you are unclear about the terms of use.

How can I link to the site?
You can link to the site through the main 'Primary Resources' page ( by a simple text link or by using any of the graphics below. Please download the graphics onto your own server. Do not link directly to these images.

Can I link to specific pages or resources?
We prefer people to link to the main resources index page. You may link to specific subject index pages but you may not link to individual ideas, worksheets, PDF files or images. You may not link directly to Flash resources (swf files) such as those in the online resources section or powerpoints & interactive whiteboard files. Direct links to resources are blocked automatically by our server.

Can I put some of the resources on my own website/my school's website?
No. This is a direct breach of our copyright. You may not use our resources on your own website or your school's website. Please link to the index pages (NOT individual resources) following the guidelines above.

Can I put the site on my intranet or put it on a CD-ROM? Can our LEA distribute a CD of the site/some of the material?
No. The site must be accessed online. There are lots of reasons for this, most resolve around the fact that we are dependent on sponsors and advertisers to keep this site running. Primary Resources is a very popular site and as such is expensive to run. We are also keen to maintain the individual identity of the site and wish people to access it directly.

Can we give out the resources as part of our teacher training/INSET course/course booklet?
No. Please feel free to give out the URLs of any resources you think would be of interest or the general address of our website. You may not just simply photocopy pages of this site and hand them out as part of your own training courses.


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