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Speech & Speech Marks:

  • Speech Marks (Gareth Pitchford)
  • Speech Marks (Nicola Cahill) MS Powerpoint
  • Speech Bubbles (Nicola Cahill) Flash (web) MS Powerpoint
  • Bubble Heads (Dot Hullah) ActivStudio
  • Using Speech Marks (Georgina Burtenshaw) MS Powerpoint
  • BFG - Direct Speech (Lynda Spencer) MS Powerpoint
  • Punctuating Direct Speech (Helen Rogers) MS Powerpoint
  • Speech Marks (Gareth Pitchford) DOC
  • What's Being Said? (4 sheets) (Christine Cowlard) PDF
  • Speech Bubbles to Sentences (Kathryn Riley) DOC
  • Speech Marks (Nicola Cahill) - Top DOC - Middle DOC - Middle 2 DOC - Bottom DOC
  • Adding Speech (Shazia Hussain) DOC
  • Speech Marks Success Criteria (Chez Owen) DOC
  • Speech Marks (Stephanie Fell) DOC
  • Simple Speech Marks (Iman Bendjedidi) DOC
  • Using Speech Marks (Steve Ramsdale)
  • Grammar Starter: Speech Marks (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Speech Marks (Kate Lewin) MS Powerpoint
  • Speech Marks (Gareth Pitchford) MS Powerpoint
  • Speech Punctuation (Heather Slater) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Dialogue Passages (Lindsay Carmichael) MS Powerpoint
  • Speech Punctuation (Michael Spalton) MS Powerpoint
  • Direct Speech - Speech Marks (Gareth Pitchford) PDF
  • Speech Marks (Ian Mason) - Sheet 1 PDF - Sheet 2 PDF - Sheet 3 PDF
  • Speech Marks (Doug Stitcher) PDF
  • Speech Marks (Rachael Ballard) PDF
  • Speech Marks (Paul Cockcroft) LA PDF - MA HTML / PDF - HA HTML / PDF
  • Speech Marks in Dialogue (V Frampton) DOC
  • Direct Speech Cloze (Jo Garton) PDF
  • Speech Marks Corrections (Vicky Frampton) DOC
  • Speech Marks (Val Collier) DOC
  • What are they Saying? (Sophie Clark) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Direct & Indirect Speech (Jim Usher) ActivStudio
  • Speech Bubble Dialogue (Brian Sullivan) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint

Direct & Reported Speech:

  • Direct and Indirect Speech (Matthew Sephton) MS Powerpoint
  • Direct Speech (Narnia themed) (Paula Walsh) MS Powerpoint
  • Direct Speech & Reported Speech (Michelle Haskew) PDF
  • Direct and Indirect Speech (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF
  • Direct and Reported Speech (Jo Szyndler) DOC
  • Direct and Reported Speech (Lois Rocke) DOC
  • Extending Direct Speech with Adverbial Clauses (Linda Hall) DOC
  • Indirect Speech (Adam Wenlock) DOC
  • Direct Speech Change (Steve Ramsdale)
  • Direct & Indirect Speech ( Level E) (Susan D'Arcy) MS Powerpoint
  • Goldilocks Direct Speech (Lynda Hodgkiss) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Reported to direct speech (Kevin Kerr) PDF
  • Indirect Speech (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF
  • Direct and Reported Speech (Sonya Hull) DOC
  • Direct and Reported Speech (differences) (Natalie Crawford) DOC
  • Reported Speech Questionnaire (Adam Crewe) DOC
  • Direct to Reported Speech (Simon Staiger) DOC
  • Reported Speech Grammar (Janet Mournard) DOC

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