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  • Key Features of Adverts (Hazel James) MS Powerpoint
  • Persuasive Writing: Advertisements (Matthew Sephton) MS Powerpoint
  • Advertisements (Jayne Hamilton) MS Powerpoint
  • Features of advertisements (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Leaflets and Posters (Katie Wade) MS Powerpoint
  • Features of an Effective Advert (L Stonier) DOC
  • Advert Evaluation (Olivia Thompson) DOC
  • Poster/Advert Writing Frame (Christa Cullen) DOC
  • The Inventions Project
  • Hoverbike Tasks (Jemma Holden) DOC
  • Hoverbike Advertising (Jemma Holden) DOC
  • Persuasive Advertising Examples (Justin Stretch)
  • Facts or Opinions (in Advertising) (Lynda Spencer) MS Powerpoint
  • Persuasive Brochures (Kathy Bagley) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh translation by Rebeca James) MS Powerpoint
  • Persuasive Writing Advert (Alicia Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • Adverts and Adjectives (Liz Smith) DOC
  • Writing to Persuade Planning (Cyn Leggat) DOC
  • Writing Slogans (Ceri Curtis) DOC
  • Advert Writing Frame (Christa Cullen) DOC
  • Skateboard Advertising (Jemma Holden) DOC
  • Key Features of Leaflets Checklist (Pauline Davies) MS Powerpoint
  • Simple Car Advertisement (Emily Murton)
  • Advert Analysis Table (Afshan Siddiqui) DOC

Persuasive Writing:

  • Persuasive Writing (Peter Meakin) MS Powerpoint
  • Anti-Smoking Campaign (Nooshin Behbad) MS Powerpoint
  • Five Minute Quickies: Persuasion (Lara J Brown) MS Powerpoint
  • Writing an Argument as a Letter (ppts, planning & worksheets) (Cyn Leggat) MS Powerpoint (Zip)
  • Persuasive Writing - Footballers' Wages (Sue Virciglio) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Persuasive Writing - School Uniform (Sue Virciglio) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Persuasive Letter Writing Frame (Janet Holyoak) PDF
  • Techniques in persuasion (Sheila Black) HTML
  • Notes for a Persuasive Letter (Janet Holyoak) PDF
  • Persuasion (Wendy James) PDF
  • Persuasive Writing Notes (Claire Patterson) DOC
  • Persuasive Writing (Adverbs) (Andrew Shakesby) DOC
  • Persuasive Argument Checklist (Iffat Sardharwalla) DOC
  • Writing an Argument (Louise Pickering) PDF
  • Persuasive Writing Web Template (B. Gove) DOC
  • No More Playtimes (Alex Gill) DOC
  • Persuasive Writing Checklist (A. Gill/J. O'Neil) DOC - All Checklists ZIP
  • Persuasive Techniques (Lesley Reid) DOC
  • The Argument Game (Jim Usher) DOC
  • Persuasive Sentence Starters (Naomi Axon) DOC
  • Persuasive Display (Michael Spalton) DOC
  • Persuasive Speech Writing Frame (Christa Cullen) DOC
  • Persuasive Writing Checklist (Daniel Barker) DOC
  • Pooh Bear/BB Wolf Letters (Georgina Hanbury) DOC
  • Billy Goats Gruff Letter (Georgina Hanbury) DOC
  • Panda Persuasive Writing (Carrie Cameron) DOC - Checklist DOC
  • Balanced Argument Example: Mount Snowden (Lesley Richmond) DOC
  • Persuasive Writing Peer Assessment (Cherie Rothery) DOC
  • Fairy Tale Arguments (Cherie Rothery) DOC
  • Bad Wolf Persuasive Letter (Emily Gulliford) DOC
  • Persuasive Writing Features (Nooshin Behbad) MS Powerpoint
  • Speech Writing (T A Browning) MS Powerpoint
  • Persuasive Letter Features (Andrew Shakesby) MS Powerpoint
  • Persuasive Writing Features (Matthew Fagg) MS Powerpoint
  • Writing to Persuade (Michelle Quinn) MS Powerpoint
  • Argument & Persuasive Writing - Week 1 (Jim Usher) MS Powerpoint
  • Argument & Persuasive Writing - Week 2 (Jim Usher) MS Powerpoint
  • Argument & Persuasive Writing - Week 3 (Jim Usher) MS Powerpoint
  • Persuasion Writing Frame (Sarah Mitchinson) PDF
  • Fox Hunting Debate (Mark Laird) PDF
  • Persuasive Phrases (Janet Holyoak) PDF
  • Persuasive Writing - Zoos (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Persuasive Writing Example Letters (Andrew Shakesby) DOC
  • Persuasive Writing Checklist (Christee Dalzell) DOC
  • Birthday Privilege Speech (Gill Foan) DOC
  • For & Against School Uniform (Laura Murias) DOC
  • Deforestation Role Play Cards (Alison Evans)
  • Persuasive Letter Writing Web (B. Gove) DOC
  • Persuasive Writing Self Assessment (Lisa Carrie) DOC
  • Debate Idea Cards (Shazia Naguthney) PDF
  • Rubbish Homework Letter (Lesley Reid) DOC
  • Tricks of the Trade: Persuasive Texts (Martin Tregenza) DOC
  • Tudors Persuasive Letter (Katie Oxtoby) DOC
  • Persuasive Letter - Marvellous Meals (Alison Patrick) DOC
  • Persuasive Language Lists (J. Ashley) DOC (zipped)
  • Features of a Persuasive Leaflet (Lindsey Franklin)
  • Persuasive Writing Mat (Rhian Walton) DOC
  • Persuasive Writing Planninh Sheet (Stephany Hunter) DOC
  • Killer Whales Sample Letter (Matt Lovegrove) DOC
  • Persuasive Text T4W Boxing Up Proforma (Melissa Ward) DOC

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