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Ball and Cone Game

(Idea contributed by Julia Wignall)

Julia writes: 'You need:

2 teams
2-3 large soft balls
Cones – 1 for each player
Tennis Balls – 1 for each player

Needs to be played in an enclosed space.

Aim of the game - to be the last player remaining in the game, without having your tennis ball knocked off your cone.

Divide the class into 2 teams. Each player needs their own cone and tennis ball. Set the cones up at opposite ends of the playing space, so that each team’s cones are in a straight line but have enough space between them for each player to defend their own cone. Place the tennis ball on top of the cone. The aim of the game is for the opposing players to knock off each others tennis balls from the cones. When a player’s tennis ball falls off their own cone they are out – they pick up their cone and ball and go sit down. The game starts by the teacher handing the large soft balls to the teams – they then continue to throw the balls until all of the opposing team’s tennis balls are knocked off.

I also added a rule that if the players catch a ball on the full – they get to choose one player from their team who is out to come back in.

Another variation is that you label one of the large balls and when this ball is caught on the full, all members from that team that were out get to come back into play.

The game finishes when there is one player remaining – or you can set a time limit and it’s then the team with the most players.'


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