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Beanbag Bombardment

(Idea contributed by Louise Jaudzemis of Berwick Lodge Primary School, Australia)

Louise writes: 'Here's a great warm up game for P.E. The children love it ! I call it 'Beanbag Bombardment' . It's suitable for years 2-6. Once they understand the rules it's easy to play and always well received.

Equipment Required

  • 4 small hoops
  • 4 cones
  • 30 beanbags or similar.
  • 2 or 3 soft skin balls.
beanbags placed in these two hoops
O   ^  
O   ^  

The Game

AIM : To get as many beanbags as possible without getting hit by the soft balls.

Break the class up into 4 equal teams.
- 2 teams line up behind empty hoops. 1 team behind each hoop.
- The other teams stand either of the boundary lines.

On go, 1 child ( from each of team behind the hoops), runs as fast as they can to the other end to collect a beanbag. They quickly return to their hoop and PLACE the beanbag inside. This all has to be done without getting hit by the ball at waist height or below. If they do get hit on the way up they simply run quickly back to their team and tag the next person. If they are on their way back and have a bean bag, they must return the beanbag to one of the main hoops ( NO throwing ) and quickly tag the next person in their team.

The two teams at the side throw the soft balls at the children running past. Only throws below at or below waist level and thrown from behind the boundries are effective. Children only have 3 secs to throw ball.

* There is a safety zone for runner, the 2 small areas located between the cones and hoops.

After an allocated time, bean bags are counted. The running teams then swap to the throwing position ( and vice versa ).

The team with the most beanbags win!

* This game can also be used to teach game straegies. '


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