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(Idea contributed by Leanne Sawle)

Leanne writes: 'A game that I frequently use to develop ball skills and spatial awareness is BENCHBALL. This game can be used for all levels of ability, and is an excellent progression to both netball and basketball.

The game involves two teams, two benches (set out using one at each end of a badminton court), a ball, and some bibs. Each team nominates one player to stand on the bench in their half of the court (the goalkeeper). The rest of the players arrange themselves anywhere in their half (apart from the bench). The game starts when the teacher throws the ball into the centre of the court, and any player can try to gain posession. You can start with a centre pass if you want (netball).

The aim of the game is to score goals by passing the ball around your team in order to pass it back to your goalkeeper on the bench. Each team has to make FIVE PASSES before getting the ball to their keeper. There must be no more or no less than FIVE PASSES made in order to score a goal. If the ball is dropped or the opposition gain possession, then the count starts again (by the teacher who shouts out the number of passes made).

When a goal is scored the opposition restarts by throwing the ball in from the goal line (behind the bench where the goal was scored). If the ball is knocked out of the court by one team, then the other team gets to throw in from behind the side line.

And that is basically it! There may seem a lot of rules but this is actually a very simple and enjoyable game. You can modify rules to make it harder or easier as you wish. Pupils start to think about working as a team, choosing when and how to pass, and thinking about their position on the court. '



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