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"Follow Me" Cards - Various Resources:

  • I have... Who has? cards
  • Design your own loop cards (Helen Barlow) PDF
  • Cards: Capacity (Rebecca Blackhall) DOC
  • Cards: Count on & back (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Generic Loop Card Maker (Dave Walsh)
  • Chase the Answer (Mark Lovett) A DOC - B DOC
  • Chase the Answer (Mark Lovett) DOC
  • Exponents and Roots Loop Cards (Debbie Palmer)
  • 3D Shapes Loop Cards (Natasha Teall) DOC
  • Cards: 2D/3D Shape (Elizabeth Chalk) PDF
  • Cards: Place Value (Fiona Parkin) DOC
  • Cards: Counting in Multiples of 10 (Liz Borrill) DOC
  • Year 6 Follow Me Cards (Kate Rock) DOC
  • Chase the Answer (Mark Lovett) DOC
  • Chase the Answer (Mark Lovett) B DOC
  • Mixed Operation Loop Cards (Samantha Smith) DOC
  • Square Numbers & Factors Cards (John Elmer) DOC

"Follow Me" Cards - Doubles & Halves:

  • Cards: Halves to 100 (Trish Ryding) PDF
  • Cards: Doubles & Halves (Ali McNamara) DOC
  • Cards: Doubles (Lia Hunter) DOC

"Follow Me" Cards - Addition & Subtraction:

  • Cards: + and - 9, 10, 11 (Dughall McCormick) PDF
  • Cards: Easy +/- (Dughall McCormick) PDF
  • Cards: Simple +/- (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Cards: Adding 3 digits (Sarah Warboys) PDF
  • Cards: Subtraction (Sarah Warboys) PDF
  • Cards: Add (Stephen Partridge)
  • Cards: Addition to 10 (Lia Hunter) DOC
  • Cards: Addition and Subtraction (Carly Peart) DOC
  • Cards: Difference (Zoe Birch) DOC
  • Cards: Number bonds (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Cards: Addition (Sonya Hull) DOC
  • Cards: Add & Subtract Near Multiples of 10, 100 (Ali Brown) DOC
  • Cards: Number Bonds to 100 (Jackie Launders) DOC
  • Cards: + & - 10 (Daria Haydock) DOC
  • Cards: Take Away (Stephen Partridge)
  • Cards: Subtraction to 10 (Lia Hunter) DOC
  • Subtraction Loop Cards (Rebecca Hall)
  • Bonds Within 10 Loop Cards (Brian MacDonald)

"Follow Me" Cards - Multiplication & Division:

  • Cards: Tables (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Cards: x2, x3 (Nicola Weston) PDF
  • Cards: x2 (Samantha Seedhouse) DOC
  • Cards: x4 (Samantha Seedhouse) DOC
  • Cards: x6 (Samantha Seedhouse) DOC
  • Cards: x9 (Samantha Seedhouse) DOC
  • Cards: Tables (Sarah Axtell) DOC
  • Cards: x6 -> x12 PDF
  • Cards: Tables (Clair Smith)
  • Cards: Times (Stephen Partridge)
  • Cards: 2x Table (Lia Hunter) DOC
  • Cards: 5x Table (Mariette Jelley) DOC
  • Multiplication Loop Cards (Kath Gardener) DOC
  • Loop Cards: 2x 3x 4x 5x (Alison Westbrook)
  • Loop Cards: 6x 7x (Alison Westbrook)
  • Loop Cards: 6x 7x 8x 9x (Alison Westbrook)
  • Loop Cards: Mixed Tables (Alison Westbrook) 1 2
  • Cards: Using Multiplication Facts for Division (Nicole Anand) DOC
  • Cards: Division (Sarah Warboys) PDF
  • Cards: Multiply and Divide by 10 and 100 (Angela Mance) PDF
  • Cards: Tables 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10 (Diarmid Harris) DOC
  • Cards: Multiply and Divide by 10 and 100 (Angela Mance) PDF
  • Cards: Multiply & Divide 1/2dp (Paula Gilhooly) DOC
  • Cards: x10, x100
  • Cards: Multiply & Divide by 2 (Daria Haydock) DOC
  • Cards: Division (Clair Smith)
  • Cards:10x Table (Lia Hunter) DOC
  • Cards: Multiplication Mix (Jo Canning) DOC
  • 3x Table Follow Me Cards (Henley Jenkins) DOC
  • Loop Cards: 2x 3x (Alison Westbrook)
  • Loop Cards: 5x 6x (Alison Westbrook)
  • Loop Cards: 7x 8x (Alison Westbrook)
  • Loop Cards: 8x 9x (Alison Westbrook)
  • Tables Loop Cards Generator (Martin Rice)

"Follow Me" Cards - Fractions, Decimals & Percentages:

  • Cards: Decimals (Richard Kentish) PDF
  • Cards: Fractions (Mark A) DOC
  • Cards: Fractions
  • Cards: Fractions/Measurement (Sarah Warboys) PDF
  • Cards: Decimals Loop (Ellie Steedman) DOC
  • Fraction of Amounts Loop Cards (Rebecca Hall) DOC
  • Cards: Percentages (Jan Mabson)
  • Cards: Frac/Dec/Perc (Sarah Warboys) PDF
  • Cards: Percentages (Sarah Warboys) PDF
  • Cards: Addition of Decimals (Sarah Warboys) PDF
  • Equivalent Fractions Loop Cards (Rebecca Hall) DOC

"Follow Me" Cards - Money:

  • Cards: Money £->p (Sarah Warboys) PDF
  • Cards: £ into p (Deborah Anderson) PDF
  • Cards: Money (£ to p) Loop Cards (Melanie Braithwaite) DOC
  • Cards: Coins to 50p (Katherine Kelly)

"Follow Me" Cards - Time:

  • Cards: Time (Sonya Hull) DOC
  • Cards: Time (Helen Bell) PDF
  • Cards: Time Zone Trail (Shonagh Key) DOC
  • Cards: Measurement & Time (Joanne Sharp) DOC
  • Cards: 24 hour clock (Helen Barlow) PDF
  • O'Clock & Half Past Loop Cards (Debbie Palmer)

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