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'Animal Crackers'
By Narinder Dhani

Kevin Kerr has contributed these guided reading questions. As always, any more resources for this book would be gratefully received!

Week 1
  1. Why did Sanjay's head hurt?
  2. Who was the headmaster?
  3. Who had the face of a polar bear?
  4. What does hallucinating mean?
  5. What animal was Miss Miller?
  6. Who was driving the ambulance?

Week 2
  1. What animal was in the nurse's uniform?
  2. Who was Sanjay beginning to feel like?
  3. What shock was awaiting Sanjay when he got home?
  4. Who were the school bullies?
  5. How much pocket money did Sanjay get?
  6. Who was 'big clumsy and awkward and he always knocked things over'?

Week 3
  1. Why would Jamie be a parrot?
  2. Who was always trying to copy Sanjay's work?
  3. What kind of animal was the bully Barry Howard?
  4. Who was in Barry's gang?
  5. What had Barry whispered to Sanjay?

Week 4
  1. Why was Sanjay not frightened when he and Will were in a furry circle?
  2. Why was Barry so annoyed?
  3. Why was Barry like a rabbit in real life?
  4. Why couldn't Will and Sanjay stay in and tidy shelves at lunchtime?

Week 5
  1. What type of animal, clever and wily did Sanjay think he might have become himself?
  2. What was Barry's plan for Sanjay?
  3. What happened when Sanjay said 'no'?
  4. How did Sanjay escape?
  5. Who was in Sanjay's own classroom?
  6. What colour overall did the dormouse dinner lady wear?

Week 6
  1. How did they trick Keith?
  2. How much money did Barry want each week now?
  3. Who was listening to Barry threatening Sanjay?
  4. Why do you think the children were cheering and shouting?
  5. What was Sanjay making a habit of according to Mr Jackson?
  6. What was Sanjay's reflection?


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