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Assembly Ideas & Scripts
Special Days & Celebrations

Many of the other subject sections of the site also feature whole class assembly scripts, including the RE sections



Assembly Ideas & Scripts

  • Assembly: Names
  • P.H.S.E. Assembly Script (Dave Morris) PDF
  • OHP Sheet: Rights and Responsibilities (Rachael Durneen) PDF
  • OHP Sheet: Gossip (Rachael Durneen) PDF
  • Education Sunday (Craig Latham) DOC
  • Human Body Class Assembly (Alet Swanepoel) DOC
  • Anglo-Saxon Class Assembly (Jo Davidson) ZIP
  • People Who Help Us Class Assembly (Sharon Barker) DOC
  • Symbols: Light (Fiona Venus) DOC
  • Sight Assembly (Bartimaeus) (Kirsty Doherty) DOC
  • Pets Assembly (Cathy Richards)
  • Food Class Assembly (Beckie McGilvray) DOC
  • What was Jesus like? (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Jesus is a Special Healer (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • God's Family (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Never Judge a Book by its Cover (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Starting Something New (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • "Greed" (Children in Need) Class Assembly (Liz Prescott) DOC
  • Lies Assembly (Dorothy Home) DOC
  • The Ugly Duckling Play (Andrew Forbes) DOC
  • Praying Hands Assembly (Andrew Forbes) DOC
  • Fairtrade Class Assembly (Margot Proctor) DOC
  • Fairtrade Assembly (Nicola Holman) DOC
  • Barclay Braces Couldn't Tie His Laces (Adrian Irons) DOC
  • The Storm (Fear) (Ruth Brew) DOC
  • The Wise Man Returns Home (Ruth Brew) DOC
  • Peter was Happy (Ruth Brew) DOC
  • Crossing the Bridge (An End of Year Assembly) (Gill O'Neil) PDF
  • OHP Sheet: Actions (Rachael Durneen) PDF
  • OHP Sheet: Boasting (Rachael Durneen) PDF
  • The Little Red Hen (Gill O'Neil) DOC
  • Farmer Duck (Working Together) (Kathryn Norton) DOC
  • Sir Isaac Newton Assembly (Emma Bentham) DOC - Rap DOC
  • Healthy Eating Assembly (Jim Usher) DOC
  • France Class Assembly (Jo Davidson) ZIP
  • Playground Games & Rhymes Class Assembly (Sharon Barker) DOC
  • Electrical Safety Assembly (Sharon Barker) DOC
  • Heroes Class Assembly (Jess Bingham) DOC
  • Modern "Romeo & Juliet" Class Assembly (Laura Jones) DOC
  • Recycling Class Assembly (Laura Welsh) DOC
  • Rubbish & Litter (Bethan Dalton) DOC
  • Conservation Assembly (Andrea Rodenhurst) DOC
  • Special to God (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Give a Little, Get a Lot! (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Don't be Greedy! (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Modesty Class Assembly (Liz Prescott) DOC
  • Money Assembly (Dorothy Home) DOC
  • St Francis of Assisi Assembly (Andrew Forbes) DOC
  • Forgiveness Assembly (Andrew Forbes) DOC
  • Forgiveness Class Assembly (Sean Kavanagh) DOC
  • Explorers Class Assembly (Kelly Ryan) DOC
  • Children and Jesus (Ruth Brew) DOC
  • Mother Donkey's Story (Ruth Brew) DOC
  • Unfair Distribution of Resources (Craig Latham) DOC - Pics

Special Days & Celebrations

  • Chinese New Year Class Assembly (Andrew Forbes) DOC
  • Chinese New Year Class Assembly (Sharon Barker) DOC
  • Chinese New Year Assembly (Nicola Holman) DOC
  • Chinese New Year Class Assembly (Sarah Mountford) DOC
  • Palm Sunday (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Palm Sunday Assembly (Kirsty Davies) DOC
  • American Independence Day Assembly (Lucy Noakes) DOC
  • Fireworks Class Assembly (Jo Davidson) DOC
  • Anne Frank Day Assembly (CK) DOC
  • Black History (Month) Class Assembly (Katy Lawrence) DOC
  • St Andrews Assembly (Jared Eccles) DOC
  • Love (St. Valentine's) Assembly (Kirsty Davies) DOC
  • Christingle Service (Mary Ross) DOC
  • Christingle (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Diwali - Festival of Light (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Diwali Assembly Script (Dave Morris) PDF
  • Mother's Day Invention Assembly (Lorraine Yates) DOC
  • Mothers Day Class Assembly (Sian Douglas) DOC
  • Mothers Day Song (Emma Parker) DOC
  • Mothering Sunday (Julie Penney)
  • Harvest Festival (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • The Vegetable Fashion Show (Harvest Poem) (Helen Chappell) DOC
  • Working as a Team (St. George) (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Remembrance Assembly (Louise Brealey) DOC
  • Remembrance Sunday (Sarah Shardlow) - 2010
  • Remembrance Assembly (Dorothy Home) DOC
  • Remembrance Sunday (Robert Stephenson) DOC
  • Remembrance Day (Liz McAleny)
  • Remembrance Day Lesson (J. Martin) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • St David's Day Assembly (Jared Eccles) DOC
  • St David's Day Class Assembly (David Gorry) DOC
  • St Patrick's Day Class Assembly (Sean Kavanagh) DOC

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