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Who runs this site?
'Primary Resources' was created and is maintained by Gareth Pitchford. All the material on the website was produced and contributed by teachers. You can find out about the history of the site by clicking here. The work on Primary Resources is funded through advertising and also supported through free web hosting provided by RM.

How is the site created?
The site has been produced using Macromedia Dreamweaver 2 & 4 & MX 2004, CS3 & CS5, Fireworks 3 & MX 2004 & CS3 & CS5, Flash 4 & 5 & MX 2004 & CS3 & CS5 and Adobe Acrobat 3 & 7, 8, 9 ... after almost fifteen years we've used several versions of the software! :)

Is there any way to download the whole site in one go?
The site consists of several GBs of material. It is therefore not realistic to make the whole site downloadable in one go.

Can I buy the site on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM?
At the moment the site is not available on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. We are unlikely to investigate the possibility of distributing material in this format in the near future.

I'm having problems downloading a ....... file. When I click on it I just see lots of garbled/strange writing. What should I do?
Instead of just left clicking on the link try right clicking and choose the option to save the file to your computer (in Internet Explorer this is 'Save File as...'. Double click the file on your computer to open it. You need to have the correct program to view the files (see here).

Can you list the recommended age range for each resource?
Yes and no. There are well over 9,000 resources on the Primary Resources web site with hundreds more being added each month. The task of adding a recommended age range for each resource is huge. We currently add recommended ages as new resources are added when the contributing teacher recommends an age range.

Why aren't there resources for...? Why aren't there more resources for...?
Primary Resources relies solely on contributions from teachers for content. We only publish the resources that we receive. If there are no resources, or not many resources for a particular subject or age range then that is because very few resources of that kind have been sent in. Why not send in some of your own resources for that area to help us out?.

Can you send me some resources for...? Can you write me a lesson plan...? Have you got any resources on...? Where are the resources for...?
I get lots of emails from people asking me to send them all the resources for a certain topic. You need to use the website and download them yourself.
I also get several emails like this: "I've got an interview on Tuesday and I have to do a lesson plan on speech marks. Can you send me a lesson plan please?" Again, the answer to this is... no.
Also unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am unable to find resources on the website on your behalf. Please do your best to look for them yourself! Use our site search, powered by Google to find the resources you want. Please note that new ideas usually take a few days to show up in the site search.
I'm also afraid that if you are having problems downloading resources yourself I'm unable to send you the resources by email.

Where has the online resources section gone? Where is the 'Moon Maths' activity? Where is the 'Bricks' activity?
The online resources section was closed in September 2005 and all the resources were moved into the relevant subject areas. For example the 'Moon Maths' activity, which tests multiplication knowledge is in the Maths > Multiplication and Division section. The 'Bricks' activity, which tests addition and subtraction is in the Maths > Addition and Subtraction section. The site search can be used to help you find where the activities have moved to.

I've followed a link to an activity from another site and I arrived at your homepage. Where is the activity?
Direct links to activities and resources (such as PDF files, DOCs, flash files etc.) are not permitted and links of this kind will direct you to the homepage. Please visit the relevant subject area to find what you are looking for.

Where are the answers to the worksheets on your site?
As the site is primarily aimed at teachers rather than parents or students answer sheets are not included on the site (unless the teacher who contributed the resource supplied them as part of their submission). Sorry!

How can I advertise on this site?
There are advertising opportunities available on the site. We will not include adverts or sponsorship on resources but we do place banner adverts on the index pages in the site. Please note that we only offer rates based on impressions. Click here for more details. Independently placed Google Adwords advertising is also available.

I used to go to school with... / I used to work with one of your contributors... Can you... give me their email address / pass a message or my email on to them / put me in touch with them?
This is an increasingly common request. We respect the privacy of the contributors to our site and we will not pass on their email addresses to any third party unless there is a clear legal requirement for us to do so (e.g. in order to co-operate with relevant law enforcement agencies.) Email addresses will only be used to contact contributors regarding their submissions. We will not pass messages on to contributors on behalf of any third party. One of the reasons that we can't do this is we do not keep an electronic database of past contributors so finding email addresses for them is a very lengthy and time consuming process. If you wish to get in touch with old school or work friends then you would be better off using one of the many social networking sites on the Internet created for this purpose.


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