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Greetings & Basic Phrases:

  • Greetings (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Greetings (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Planning: Greetings & Everyday Conversations (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • General Welsh Flashcards (Claire Rodgers) DOC
  • Welsh Questions (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Welsh Answers (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Welsh Questions 2 (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Welsh Questions (Lisa Dunn) DOC


  • Numbers 0 - 20 (GP/Diane Gant) MS Powerpoint
  • Numbers 1 - 20 (GP/Laura O'Shea) MS Powerpoint
  • Numbers 1 - 12 (GP/Laura O'Shea) MS Powerpoint
  • Numbers 1 - 10 (GP/BR McInerney) MS Powerpoint


  • Colours (GP/David Brown) MS Powerpoint
  • Colours (GP/Caroline Whittington) MS Powerpoint
  • Colours (GP/Mylène François) MS Powerpoint
  • Colour Flashcards (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Colours (Steven McNichol) MS Powerpoint
  • Colour Words (Lisa Stephens)
  • Colour Stars (Lisa Stephens)
  • Welsh Colours (Roz Meredith)

Animals & Pets:

  • Pets Flashcards (Claire Rodgers)
  • Fruit and Vegetables (GP) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Wild Animals (GP) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint

Time & Weather:

  • Days of the Week (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Days of the Week (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Days of the Week (Judith Bevan) DOC
  • Days of the Week Cards (GP)
  • Months (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Months (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Months of the Year (Judith Bevan) DOC
  • What's the Time? (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Pryd rwyt ti'n... (Kerry Parsons) DOC
  • Weather Flashcards (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Weather Words (Lisa Stephens)
  • Weather Game (Carla Desmond) DOC
  • Weather (Carla Desmond) DOC
  • Look at the Weather! (GP/Christopher Coates) MS Powerpoint
  • The Weather (GP) MS Powerpoint
  • Weather Cards (GP)

Food & Drink:

  • Food Resources (Stacey Lawson) DOC Zipped
  • Food Dominoes (Laura Martin)
  • Food Flashcards (Claire Rodgers)

Talking About Yourself & Others:

  • Planning: Descriptions (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Description Pictures (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Portrait in Words (Kerry Parsons) DOC
  • Description Flashcards (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Write About Your Partner (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Planning: Discussing Illnesses (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Illness Flashcards (Beccy Fox) DOC
  • Expressing Likes/Dislikes (Lynne Hardwidge-Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • What Do You Like? (Lisa Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • Likes and Dislikes (Claire Rodgers)
  • What Do You Enjoy? (Lisa Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • What Do You Enjoy? (Lisa Jones) DOC
  • Dwi'n Gallu... (Kerry Parsons) DOC
  • Personal Vocab Sheet (Kathryn Williams) DOC

Friends & Family:

  • Family Flashcards (Claire Rodgers)

Home, School & Around Town:

  • Homes (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Homes (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Directions (Lisa Jones) DOC
  • Classroom Language (Tarin Aktar) MS Powerpoint
  • School (Michael J Davis) MS Powerpoint
  • What Do You Like At School? (Michael J Davis) MS Powerpoint
  • Classroom Objects (GP) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint


  • Prepositions (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Prepositions (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Punctuation (Speech Marks) (Llinos Sartori) Textease
  • Adjectives (Stacey Lawson) DOC
  • Literacy: Persuasive Brochures (Kathy Bagley/Rebeca James)
  • Writing a Playscript (Martin Evans)
  • Holiday Postcard (Jennifer Baker) DOC
  • Holiday Postcard (Past Tense Verbs) (Jennifer Baker) DOC
  • Telephone Conversation (Sgwrs Ffôn) (Alma Davies) DOC
  • Special Days (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Special Days (Lynne Hardwidge Jones)
  • Basic "Helpwr Heddiw" Cards (Stacey Lawson) DOC
  • Welsh Marking Comments (Steve Williams) DOC
  • 17 Welsh Patterns (David Roe)

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