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Warm-Up & Mixed Activities


Dance & Gymnastics

  • Dance: The Enormous Crocodile (5 weeks) (Karen Smith) PDF
  • Dance (Dom Murphy) PDF
  • Dance: Pinocchio (5 weeks) (Tracey Healy) PDF
  • Dance: Peter Pan (Katrina Cole) - Lesson 1 - Lesson 2 - Lesson 3 - Lesson 4 DOCs
  • Dance: Haka and Sporting Themes (Phil Martin) DOC
  • Gymnastics Planning (Susie Holmes) DOC
  • Gym Planning (Stuart Mycroft) DOC
  • Gym Planning (Stuart Mycroft) DOC
  • Gym Planning (Stuart Mycroft) DOC
  • Gym Planning (Stuart Mycroft) DOC
  • Dance Planning (Ryan Garnsworthy) - Unit Plan DOC - Lesson Plans & Resources DOC
  • Dance (Mike Woodside) PDF
  • Dance: Space (5 weeks) (Tracey Healy) PDF
  • Gymnastics Planning (Tracey Crannitch) DOC
  • Dance: Greek Myths (The Odyssey) (Jo Norbury) DOC
  • 'Walk Like An Egyptian' Dance (Craig Tilstone)
  • Morris Dancing (Introduction) (Eric Brady)
  • Body Awareness Activities (Cherie Rotherey) DOC


Invasion Games

  • Football (6 weeks) (Tracey Healy) PDF
  • Soccer Fun Games (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Short Answer Test: Soccer (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Short Answer Test: Soccer Research (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Basketball (5 weeks) (Tracey Healy) PDF
  • Hockey (4 weeks) (Tracey Healy) PDF
  • Hockey Planning (Jen Williams) DOC
  • Hockey Skills (Kelly Akrill) DOC
  • Uni Hockey (Jackie Abbott) DOC
  • Hockey Fun Games (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Football/Tag-Rugby/Netball (Kirsty Waugh) PDF
  • Invasion Games: Tag Rugby (Carly Butler) DOC
  • Scheme of Work: Rugby (Lee Wilson) DOC
  • Tag Rugby Planning (Phil Martin) DOC
  • Tag Rugby MT Planning (Stuart Mycroft) DOC
  • Tag Rugby Planning (Stuart Mycroft) DOC
  • Tag Rugby Ideas (Jackie Abbott) DOC
  • Nine-a-side Aussie Rules Football (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Short Answer Test: AFL (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Chase your tail
  • Small Sided Netball
  • Netball Skills Cards (Dawn Hutchinson) PDF
  • Netball (7 weeks) (Tracey Healy) PDF
  • Netball (13 weeks) (M. Chesters) PDF
  • Netball Fun Games (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Short Answer Test: Netball (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Unit of Work: Invasion Games (Toni Boucher) DOC
  • Benchball
  • Catchball (Kathy Ashford) DOC
  • Basketball Planning (5 weeks) (Jackie Abbott) DOC
  • Basketball Skills Test (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Short Answer Test: Basketball (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Shuffle Ball (Pete Bewley) DOC
  • Frisbee: Five Pass Game (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Frisbee: Marks Up (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Frisbee: Modified Ultimate Frisbee (Cherie Rotherey) DOC


Striking and Fielding Games (and throwing & catching skill development)

  • Tennis Ball Lesson (Ryan Garnsworthy) DOC
  • Whackit!
  • Musical Throws (Lisa McCullagh) DOC
  • Skittleball (Lisa McCullagh) DOC
  • Rounders Planning (Nicola Tasker) DOC
  • Throwing and Striking Circus (Kirstin Greygoose) DOC
  • Softball Cricket (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Short Answer Test: Softball (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Hit and Go (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Backyard Cricket (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Ball and Cone Game
  • River/Fish Game
  • Scatterball (Lisa McCullagh) DOC
  • Rollerball (Lisa McCullagh) DOC
  • Rounders Ideas (Jackie Abbott) DOC
  • Kicket! (Pete Bewley) DOC
  • Long Ball (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Cricket Glossary (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Short Answer Test: Cricket (Cherie Rotherey) DOC
  • Cricket Numeracy Task (Cherie Rotherey) DOC

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