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Time Bomb

(Idea contributed by Peter Wood)

Peter writes: 'This is an indoor game which can be played with the whole class in the hall. You need four balls, preferably with soft inards.

You pick four people. They each have a ball and have to stand in a corner of the hall. The rest of the children have to stand in the middle. When the teacher says go, the children in the middle have to run around in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction trying not to get hit by the balls. If they are hit on or below the knees then they are out of the game and have to sit out for this round.

Those children in the corners have to aim the ball at the knees of the others. Once thrown, the corner children have to carefully walk into the middle of the hall to collect their ball. They must then return to their corner before they can throw the ball again.

As more and more children are out fewer children allows for game strategies to come into play. The corner children have to decide how to get the remaining people out.

This continues until there are only four children. These last four then become the new children in the corner and those who were out get to have another go. At the final time I often leave it until there is only one person left and they become the winner. I sometimes join in the game with a fifth ball.

For safety reasons I remain at the edge of the hall but can walk around, rather than stay in a corner. Other throwers work with me to collect and retrieve the balls. The game can also work well with the mini polystyrene javelins. These are more difficult to control and so it makes it all a little more exciting.'



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