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'The Country Pancake'
By Anne Fine

Kevin Kerr has contributed these guided reading questions. As always, any more resources for this book would be gratefully received!

Week 1
  1. Who was Miss Mirabelle
  2. Explain what Mr Rushman, Mrs Maloney and Mr Herbert were like
  3. What couldn't Miss Mirabelle stand?
  4. Who has a newborn calf?

Week 2
  1. Who yawned in assembly?
  2. Why did Mrs Spicer make surprise visits to the classroom?
  3. What was Mrs Spicer's first name?
  4. What is another way of indicating someone's first name?
  5. Mrs Spicer was 'on the war-path'. What does this mean?

Week 3
  1. What sounded like machine-gun fire?
  2. Why was Miss Mirabelle in a bad mood?
  3. What colour were Miss Mirabelle's eyes?
  4. How was the class saved?

Week 4
  1. What was printed on the paper Mrs Spicer was looking at?
  2. If there were 25 children and 1,000 lollies, how many did they get each?
  3. Why did Mrs Spicer think she could not admit the terrible report on Miss Mirabelle?
  4. What did Miss Mirabelle's children do on the football pitch?
  5. What feeling did Mrs Spicer get when she saw 'splendid teaching'?
  6. On page 63 is the word playground. This word is made up of two works play and ground. Can you think of 10 more words like this?

Week 5
  1. What did Lance want to borrow?
  2. What was like 'Sunday dinner' to a cow?
  3. What had Lance saved for Granny?
  4. Why was Granny totally disgusted?

Week 6
  1. What did Flossie have around her neck?
  2. What did Deborah give Lance from Miss Mirabelle?
  3. What was the prize?
  4. Who won?
  5. What was Granny telling a governor?


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