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Danny Champion of The World
By Roald Dahl

Mark Lacey has sent in these activities for Roald Dahl's classic tale. As always, any more resources for this book would be gratefully received!

Setting the Scene
Use these questions to help you see how Roald Dahl sets the scene for the story.
Don't just answer the questions, try to think about the beginning of the story a bit more.

  • What do we learn about Danny in the past?
  • What do we learn about where Danny lives?
  • What do we learn about how rich/poor he is?
  • What would you feel about life if you were Danny?
  • How does Danny feel about his life?
  • What other characters do we find out about at the beginning of this book? Can you give a description of them?

Setting the Scene (2)
Here are seven sentences from the first two chapters of 'Danny'. Roald Dahl uses them to set the scene. Can you try and put them into the right order? When you have done that, try to add another sentence to each one to carry on setting the scene.

  1. I spent all day in the workshop helping my father with the cars.
  2. Most wonderful of all was the feeling that when I went to sleep, my father would still be there.
  3. My father without the slightest doubt, was the most marvellous and exciting father any boy ever had.
  4. The lavatory was a funny little wooden hut standing in the field some way behind the caravan.
  5. There was only one room in the caravan and it wasn't much bigger than a fair-sized modern bathroom.
  6. We lived in an old gipsy caravan behind a filling-station.
  7. When I was four months old, my mother died suddenly and my father was left to look after me all by himself.

When I'm not at school! (1)
We have read about things that Danny enjoyed doing with his father when he wasn't at school. Think about something you do or would like to do when you are not at school and write about it. These questions are to help you. Don't just answer the questions and remember how we set the scene.

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • Why do you enjoy it?
  • When do you do this activity?
  • How often do you do it?
  • Where does the activity take place?
  • What other people help to make the activity so special?

When I'm not at school! (2)
Here are some things that Danny enjoyed doing with his father.

  • Listening to stories
  • Fixing cars
  • Making and flying kites
  • Flying a fire-balloon
  • Making a tree house
  • Riding a toy car

Think of something you enjoy doing and write some sentences about it. Think about these things (don't just answer the questions):

  • What do you enjoy and why?
  • When do you do it and how often?
  • Where does it happen?
  • What other people help to make it special?


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