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Miscellaneous Activities

I receive quite a few sheets and ideas that use text from books and poems. Unfortunately I'm not currently in a position (due to copyright restrictions) to reproduce these on the site. However in this section I've put a brief outline of the activity and any other information that you'll need to recreate the resources yourself.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by Roald Dahl

Activity by Marion Pratt

Making Poetry Make Sense
Task: Read through the poem and use the clues in the story and the rhyme to help you fill in the blanks. There are no right or wrong answers as long as it makes sense, and continues the rhythm of the poem.
You'll need to: Prepare a copy of the poem (from "As soon as the wolf began to feel" to "My lovely furry WOLFSKIN COAT.") with these words blanked out -
soon, decent, knocked, opened, sharp, horrid, come, Grandmamma, eat, absolutely, ate, bite, small, wailed, enough, begun, decent, kitchen, have, frightful, wait, Riding, walking, quickly, eaten, dressed, coat, shoes, brushed, sat, Grandma's, girl, stared, big, better, great, have, see, watching, thought, eat, her, taste, wrong, TEETH, matter, anyway, smiles, knickers, aims, shoots, weeks, across, cloak, hood, WOLFSKIN.

Inside the Worm by Robert Swindells

Activity by Ginny Dorrington

Unfamiliar/New Words
Task: Use a dictionary to look up the meanings of the unfamiliar words highlighted in the passage
You'll need to: Prepare a copy of the section of Chapter 1 that runs from 'Fliss stuck her hand up' to '...was sent to stand defenceless in its path'. Highlight on the sheets which words you want each group of children to look up. There are two possible lists given below:

List one: dreadful, roughly, pretty, according, commanded, demanded, encounter, responsibility, practically and slithering.
List two: reptilian, connotations, terrorized, devoutly, empower, martyred, docile, pagans, re-enactment, martyrdom, vengeance and defenceless.

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend

Activity by Paul Cockcroft

Comprehension Activity
Task: Answer the comprehension questions below.
You'll need to: Give the children a copy of Adrian Mole's diary from January 27th to January 29th. It works best if you also read them the entries from the previous week to set the scene.
The Questions:

Task One. Look at Tuesday.
1. What tense is the passage written in?
2. Who is 'I' in the passage?
3. Why is 'he' described as an ex-best friend?
4. What do you understand by the phrase 'had depth'?
5. Explain why the exclamation marks are used after each Ha!

Task Two. Look at Thursday.
Write out all the adjectives used in this diary entry. Use a dictionary to check if you are unsure.

Task Three. Look at Wednesday.
Write down the sentence and underline the words in italic print. Why are italics used?

Task Four. Write down a few sentences explaining the main difference(s) between Adrian's diary and that of Samuel Pepys. (Paul's class had studied this earlier on in the week)

Task Five. Imagine you are Adrian Mole.
Write a diary entry for Friday January 30th. Think carefully about what you have heard and know.


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