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A Place to Play
Contributed by Liz Charlton
Liz writes: 'This is one of my homework projects which are given to my upper KS2 children at the beginning of each half term. The children respond very well to the projects and the parents are made well aware of the work which will be expected during the following weeks. Other projects are connected to topic work and general cross curricular subjects. I would be pleased to hear from others who use this type of homework and opinions on how this particular project could be improved.'

What would you design if you were allowed to build a new place to play? This term's homework is all about designing a place which can be enjoyed by everyone in their spare time. Think carefully about all the different people who might like to use the park and what they would need. This homework is to be handed in weekly.

There is a spare, overgrown piece of land in your village. It is being used as a dumping ground for rubbish and it looks very unpleasant. You hear some older residents talking about how they would like somewhere to sit and chat during the warm summer afternoons and you have often thought that it would be a good place for a children's play park. You talk to your older sister, who has a young baby and find that she too would like somewhere safe for her baby to play. IT'S TIME FOR ACTION!
Week 1
Write a list of all the different types of people who would like to be able to use the waste ground. Write down the ways in which they might like to use the space and the times of day that it would be used. Remember that people of different ages will need different things.

Week 2
Write a letter to the council to explain your ideas for using the waste ground. You will need to persuade them that the park will be well used, by many different types of people, so use your information from last week to help you. Try to think of as many reasons as possible why the waste ground should be made more attractive.

Week 3
You have written to the council asking them to help but you still need to know exactly what people want. You decide to hold a meeting, so a poster to advertise the meeting must be produced. Design an eye catching poster to explain where and when the meeting will be held. You need to give people an idea of what will be discussed at the meeting.

Week 4
In order to show what could be done on the waste ground you design a piece of playing apparatus for young children. Draw the apparatus and explain how it is suitable for children of a particular age group.

Week 5
Describe some of the other features of the park and how you would make areas suitable for people of all ages and fitness. You can include plans and diagrams as well as written descriptions.

Week 6
It's finally the day of the meeting. You have plans of what you think should be in the new park and you have persuaded members of the council and other interested people to attend. Write a play script of part of the meeting. Remember to use stage directions to help the reader to understand the way in which to act out the part.

Week 7
The meeting is over and exciting things are going on in the village. The local newspaper hears of the 'Park Project' and there is a report written about it. Write the newspaper report, explaining how the project started and what the end result will be. Include quotes from local residents and re member that not everyone will be pleased about it! You can include maps and 'photographs' of before and after.


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