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Tables Rap
idea contributed by Kim Bishop

Purpose: Y3 T2 TL11 Write new and extended verses for performance poetry based on models of performance and oral poetry.
Numeracy: Y3 T2 Recall multiplication facts of three times table.


Introduce performance poetry using Rap poetry book which encourages actions to support the rhymes in the texts. Write a basic simple rap of the 3 times table rhyming the action words with the table fact. Along the lines of ;

No times three is like our sun, (Point to the sky)

No times three we got none! (Hold up hands showing no fingers) do this prior to lesson and perform the rap to the children in a backwards baseball hat and shades.

Write table facts to 10 on the board and simple rhymes to help any that get stuck. Split tham into mixed ability group of 3 and send them off to draft their raps. Stress the importance of actions to support the rap. This encourages all three thinking types to take part (visual, auditory and kinesthetic).


Children in group of three work out ways to write their raps and perform them to the rest of the class. They can use actions, fingers, tones of voice etc to improve their delivery of the table facts.

Teacher supports groups in turn and encourages them to think about how their fact can be performed to improve recollection of fact.


Children perform raps to each other. Rest critique performances and note fact rhymes  they liked the best. Teacher note favourite facts and compile them into one rap. This rap is written out presented to children in next session for shared reading and sent home for them to learn. It can then be perfected as a performance poem working on delivery,  how, where could be done, audience, modifications needs for different audiences, stressing parts, and actions. Could be performed in an assembly  for rest of school in rap clothes. Children love it and it works. My class know their three times table facts.


3 Times Rap

We're 'gonna' do some tables and they can be fun,
This is how our 'Tables Rap' is begun.
We're gonna rap times tables and the beat is free,
And the table we're rappin' is numbers times three!
For zero x3 we thought and thought (tap head look like you're thinking hard), and hey (point at audience) we found it comes to nought!
Then 1x3 so we climbed a tree (tree climbing actions), when we got the top we found a three.
2x3 just count the kicks, (do six kicks)
2x3 is 1,2,3,4,5,6. 3x3 is our next line (use hands draw imaginary line in front of you),
3x3 hey kids (point) it's 9! 4x3 here's our cool girls (boys point at the girls)
4x3 we got 12.
5x3 Where have you been (shade eyes look around), we've been looking for 15,
6x3 we're a real mean team (arms on each other's shoulders look angry), 6x3 it's 18.
7x3 ate a hot cross bun (mime eating a bun), then had to have another 21.
8x3 hey open that door (pretend to open a door), 8x3 is 24.
9x3 we're all 'gonna' heaven (smile, put hands together like praying), 'cos that's where we'll find 27.
Now 10x3 we're down and dirty (crouch down look scruffy), 10x3 shout out 30.
Now we're done with our cool rap I think we deserve a real loud clap! (Clapping with the rhythm).

Written by Class 7 SWFS March 2001, edited by Mrs. Bishop.


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