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First Logo

Resource by Robert Drummond
Either use the versions further down the page or click the links below for
Sheet 1/Sheet 2
Part 2

First Logo - Instructions - Sheet 1

1. Load in the program (use the instructions on the wall to help) and double click on the turtle picture. Wait for the turtle to appear on the bottom icon bar. When it appears click once on it.

2. You should have a turtle on the screen in front of you. If you click on the tail with the first button and hold it a blue square should appear. Keep holding down the button and drag the turtle around the screen. What happens?

3. Try drawing some other lines. Now press delete on the key pad and hold it down. What happens then?

4. Can you draw a 'W' on the screen? Think carefully about how many lines you need!! (Teacher help may be required on 1 machine to show how to do this!)

5. Now we are going to clear the screen. Move the pointer over to where the writing is. Press the middle button and slide across from 'Clear Screen'. When asked 'Are you sure?' click on 'Yes'.

6. To draw some shapes you need to move the turtle without leaving a line. You can do this by clicking on the picture of the pen on the icon bar at the side of the screen. When the pen is touching the paper it will draw on the screen, when it is lifted it will not draw.

7. If you click on the bottle of ink with the 3rd button, you can change the colour of the lines on the screen.

8. Try drawing your initials lifting and putting down the pen and changing colours also.

9. For some activities you need to change the turtle into another object. Move the arrow to the window where you have been drawing. Click on the middle button and a menu appears. Slide across from pointer and you will see a list of other shapes instead of turtle. Slide down to the one you want and click on it with the first button. You are now ready to try some of the activities. Load First Logo in as usual. Then drag the village icon (small picture) onto the part of the screen where the Turtle (or whatever the children may have picked) is. Now try the Map Work activity. (Do not do number 5) If you succeed with the Map Work activity try the Paintpots activity. First Logo.

First Logo - Instructions - Sheet 2

1. Just like the roamer the turtle on screen can be moved by typing in instructions. Firstly can you see the slate with the numbers and commands on?

2. You simply click on the direction of movement (forwards or backwards only) and then the number you want the turtle to travel.

3. Let's try to move the turtle Forwards 5. When you have done this click on the 'Corner Arrow' and the turtle should move.

4. Let's move the turtle to the right. Firstly you have to turn the turtle to face the right. Click on right and then choose which number? If you thought 90 you are right.

5. Now we need to move the turtle forwards. Can you move the turtle forwards 5 on your own? You should have drawn the top of a square.

6. Can you work out how to draw the rest of the square? Show your teacher if you can work it out! If you can use the slate, why not try loading in the VILLAGE and doing the mapwork activity again, but this time use the slate. No dragging of the car allowed!!

First Logo - Part Two

1. Ask the children to load in the program by themselves. (They should be able to do this!!)

2. Ask the children to draw a letter W, and then a letter H using the penup and pendown control. For the letter H ask if they can do it in two different colours. You may need to check to see if they are taking the pen up and putting it down again correctly.

3. Delete the work done to ensure we begin the next section with a clear screen.

4. On the 'slate' click the forward command and then enter the number 10. To make the turtle move the children need to click on the enter arrow.

5. Click on right then enter 20 and ask the children what they think will happen before they press enter. (The turtle moves 20 degrees to the right, not 20 paces to the right.) To make the turtle turn a corner the commands are right or left 90 degrees and then forwards.

6. Delete the children's work and then see if they can draw a right angled corner on the screen using the slate.

7. We will now draw a square! Take the children to a table and ask them to slowly draw a square whilst their partner writes down what they actually do. I.e. draw a line, turn 90 deg draw a line, turn 90 deg etc. (They will probably forget to turn 90 deg.) Ask the children what they can tell you about how long the lines should be.

8. When they have written down the lines of instruction they can enter them onto the computer. These lines of instruction are simple programs.

9. Now we can try making up some programs to draw other shapes. Try a rectangle, a triangle (60 deg angle of turn).

10. Ask the children to write down their programs for each of the shapes into their notebooks when they have correctly drawn them on the screen.

11. If the children should complete these tasks, load in the paintpots scene and see if they can visit each paintpot by using only the slate.


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