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Cards Activity

Basic Doubles (up to double 33)
Multiplication Facts (2, 3, 4 and 5)

With the introduction of the Numeracy Strategy this has become a popular activity, mentioned at many courses and INSET days.

In case you are unfamiliar with the activity I'll briefly go through it. Every child has a card (they can be seated in their usual positions). On each card it says something like, 'I have 10. Who has double 12?' Starting with the teachers card the class read their cards out in the correct order. They need to listen out for the question to which they have the answer on their card. For example,

'Who has double 5?'
'I have 10. Who has double 12?'
'I have 24. Who has double 6?'
'I have 12. Who has double 8?'

It continues like this until the end card is reached. It works best as a timed activity where the whole class tries to beat their previous best. Impose time penalties (e.g. +5 secs) whenever anyone shouts out the answer. An under current of murmuring is what you want... the children will be working out the answer and looking round to see who has got it. I display the fastest time for each set of cards around the room and we try and aim to beat that each time.

I've put two sets of example cards on the site. Each set has 33 cards + a starting card.

Basic Doubles (up to double 33)

Multiplication Facts (2, 3, 4 and 5)

You may choose to create sets of cards where the first and last cards link together. The sets above can be turned into a cyclic series by combining the question and answer on the start and end cards. There are various possible games that can be played by individual children or small groups of children using these cards.


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