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Christmas Lesson and Activity Ideas

Some Ideas for Christmas Week

Christmas Maths

A variation on the old exploading numbers theme. Make a large flat Christmas Tree out of green sugar paper. Cut out a star to go on top of it. Write a number, say 25, on the star and place it on the top of the Christmas tree. The children must use coloured paper to make decorations to go on the tree but each decoration must have a way to make your Star number written on it. You could give the children little worksheet Christmas trees to draw number decorations on.

Christmas Wordsearches

Why spend lots of time making Christmas activities? Get your children to make Christmas puzzles for each other. Photocopy and swop! The easiest puzzle to do would be a Christmas wordsearch.

Spot the Difference

Get your children to make their own Spot the Difference puzzles. Photocopy their pictures and use correcting fluid to remove details to make differences. Or you could photocopy their pictures and then get them to add more details in to create differences. If you've got access to a scanner then use a image program to remove parts of their pictures.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

You can do lots of work based on this popular carol. The children could pretend that they were the person recieving the gift and they could write letters back to the sender. The children could make up their own updated versions of the twelve days of Christmas. Then there are loads of maths puzzles that you can set on the song e.g. How many gifts altogether? How many animals? How many birds? How many legs?


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