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Nouns & Adjectives:

  • Adjectives Sorter (Jarrod Finn) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Adjectives (C. Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Add an Adjective (C. Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Nouns & Adjectival Phrases (Linda Hall)
  • Nouns & Verbs to Adjectives (Linda Hall)
  • Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives & Adverbs (C. Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Nouns (Francis Casey) MS Powerpoint
  • Nouns 2 (Francis Casey) MS Powerpoint
  • Nouns and Adjectives Game (Gareth Pitchford) HTML
  • Types of nouns (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Adjectives (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF
  • Adjectives: Feelings (Gareth Pitchford) PDF
  • Adjectives (Ian Mason) Sheet 1 PDF, Sheet 2 PDF, Sheet 3 PDF, Sheet 4 PDF - Sheet 5 PDF - Sheet 6 PDF
  • Adjectives: Weather Descriptions (Ian Mason) PDF
  • Adjectives (Rachel Wood) PDF
  • Nouns & Adjectives (Richard Whitla) DOC
  • Adjectives (Spelling) (Bev Newman) DOC
  • Comparing Adjectives 1 (Christine Stone) PDF
  • Comparing Adjectives 2 (Christine Stone) PDF
  • Expanding Sentences (Nikki Williamson) PDF
  • Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Adverbs (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF
  • 'Nice' Warning Poster (Helen Ede) DOC
  • Nouns (Carol Wright) DOC
  • Common Nouns (A Blair) DOC
  • Noun Posters (Jacqui Stephenson)
  • Witch Adjectives (Linda Hall) DOC
  • A-Z of Adjectives (Jo Gill) DOC
  • Nouns Sorting Cards (H Motley) DOC
  • Nouns Posters (Sigi Leigh) DOC
  • Possessive Adjectives Poem (Catherine Leyow) DOC
  • Adjectives (Lynsey Harper) DOC
  • Adjectives Ending in 'y' (Mary-Ann Smillie) DOC
  • Senses Adjectives (Chris Hardwidge) DOC
  • Types of Nouns (Lisa Spandrzyk) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Types of Nouns (Lisa Spandrzyk)
  • Types of Nouns Display (Lisa Spandrzyk)
  • Types of Noun (Cherie Rothery) DOC
  • Superlatives (Janet Mournard) DOC
  • Possessive Adjectives (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Adjectives (5 Senses) Word Mats (Neil Harverson)
  • Sorting Types of Nouns (Paula Alty) DOC
  • Noun, Verb & Adjective Posters (Val Collier) DOC
  • Make Your Own Monster (Nouns) (Amy Mason) PDF
  • Monster Party (Nouns) (Amy Mason) PDF
  • Proper Nouns (Identify & Sort) (Afshan Siddiqui) DOC
  • Comparing Things (-er, -est) (James Starbuck) MS Powerpoint
  • Mr Bip and Mrs Bop (Comparatives) (Kate Buckley) MS Powerpoint
  • Intensity of Adjectives (Linda Hall)
  • Comparative Adjectives (er/est) (Michael Spalton) MS Powerpoint
  • Using Adjectives (Matt Lovegrove) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Grammar Starter: Nouns (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar Starter: Adjectives (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar Starter: Definite Article (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar Starter: Indefinite Article (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Nouns, Proper Nouns & Names (Jon Don-Duncan) PDF
  • Types of Noun Wordsearch (Doug Stitcher) PDF
  • Revising Nouns etc (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF
  • Adjectives (Ian Mason) PDF
  • Adjectives: Adding er, est (Ian Mason) Sheet 1 PDF - Sheet 2 PDF
  • Adjective Poems (Nikki Williamson) PDF
  • Adjective Cards (Veronica Thomas) PDF
  • Adjectives (combined sheets) (Gareth Pitchford) DOC
  • Sorting Adjectives (Sharon Oliver) DOC
  • Comparative Adjectives (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF
  • Comparing Adjectives (Barbara Saleh) DOC
  • Adjectives in Descriptions (Examples) (Vicky Frampton) DOC
  • Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF
  • Adjectives (Helen Ede) DOC
  • Adjective Cards (Bindiya Bhudia) DOC
  • Using Adjectives (Linda Hall) DOC
  • Alien Adjectives Story (John W. Bull) DOC
  • Comparative Adjectives (Sandra Lerman) DOC
  • Adjectives (Faye Heming) DOC
  • Nouns (A Blair) DOC
  • Adjective Wordsearch (Richard Langley) DOC Uppercase DOC
  • Nouns (Francis Casey) DOC
  • Nouns 2 (Francis Casey) DOC
  • Parts of Speech Song (Graham Goode) DOC
  • Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives (Helen Chapman) DOC
  • Neuter and Common Gender Nouns (Hayley Kishner) DOC
  • Possessive Adjectives Sentences (Jo-anne Elliott) DOC
  • 4 Types of Nouns (Chris Hardwidge) DOC
  • Adjectives and Adjectival Phrases (Peter Barnett) MS Powerpoint
  • Comparative Adjectives (Janet Mournard) DOC
  • Comparatives Pet Shop (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Possessive Adjectives (Janet Mournard) DOC
  • Articles a / an (Janet Mournard) DOC
  • a / an / some (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Articles: a or an (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Articles: a, an, the or nothing (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Articles Poster (Paula Alty) MS Powerpoint
  • Comparative & Superlative Adjectives (Jim Usher) ActivStudio
  • Proper Nouns and Capital Letters (Victoria Scott) PDF

Count and Mass Nouns:

  • Much or Many (Zoe Higginbotham) MS Powerpoint
  • How Much & How Many (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Much, Many, a Lot of (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Some and Any (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Some and Any (extended) (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint
  • Some, any or no (Janet Mournard) DOC
  • a few & few / a little & little (Janet Mournard) DOC
  • a few & few / a little & little (2) (Janet Mournard) DOC
  • few / a few / little / a little (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar Starter: Fewer or Less? (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint

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