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2-D Shapes:

  • Simple Shape Sort (Gareth Pitchford) Downloadable Program
  • Shape Sort (Julie Pout) Smart Notebook (zipped) Easiteach
  • Shape Counters (Gareth Pitchford) Downloadable Program
  • 2D Shapes (Philip Martin) MS Powerpoint
  • Class Quiz: 2D Shapes (Lynne Outhwaite) MS Powerpoint
  • Types of Triangles (James Starbuck) MS Powerpoint
  • Tangrams (Dot Hullah) ActivStudio
  • Quadrilaterals (Steve Peters) MS Powerpoint
  • Squaring Off (Kim Pitchford) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Pentagons & Hexagons (David Robinson)
  • Heptagons & Octagons (David Robinson)
  • Basic 2D Shapes (Christine Perry) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • T1 U4: Reasoning about Shape (David Arthur) ActivStudio
  • Isosceles Triangles D (Ann D'Arcy) MS Powerpoint
  • Advanced 2D Shape Work (Louise Whitby) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Types of Lines (Adam Wenlock) MS Powerpoint
  • Drawing Shapes (Cindy Hoy) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Matching and Making Shapes (Cindy Hoy) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Shape (Unit B1) (Callie Hewitt) ActivStudio
  • 2D Shape Recognition (Natasha Teall) MS Powerpoint
  • 2D Shape Muddle (Natasha Teall) MS Powerpoint
  • Parts of a Circle (Tania Nelson) MS Powerpoint
  • Shape Reasoning 1 (Chris Nelson) MS Powerpoint
  • Shape Reasoning 2 (Chris Nelson) MS Powerpoint
  • Shape Target Board (Liz Greenwood) PDF
  • 2D Shape Target Board (Tracey Whitcher) PDF
  • Shapes (2D) (Mark Laird) PDF
  • Shape: Colour by Name 1 (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Shape: Colour by Name 2 (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Shape: Colour by Name 3 (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Shape: Colour by Properties (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • 2D shape display material (M Walsh) PDF
  • Hexagons & Pentagons (Rachael Ballard) PDF
  • Shape Vocabulary (Steve Edge) PDF
  • 2D Shapes (Ian Mason) Sheet 1 PDF - Sheet 2 PDF
  • Quadrilateral Sorting (Simon Daw) PDF - LA PDF
  • 2D Shape Properties (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Shape Colouring (Norma Tregoning) DOC
  • Shape Vocabulary (Caroline Shacklady) DOC
  • Diagonals of a Polygon (Edward Bailey) PDF
  • Draw Shapes (Kim Melvill-Smith) DOC
  • 2D Shapes Quizzes (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • A4 Basic 2D Shapes (Janine Wilson) DOC - simple DOC
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (Jim Usher) DOC
  • Lines in 2D Shapes (Jim Usher) DOC
  • 2D Shape Lessons (Julie McAllister) DOC
  • 2D/3D Shapes Words Display (Gail Finlay) DOC
  • 2D Shapes Dominoes (Ben Hookes) MS Powerpoint
  • 16 Peg Pegboard Templates (Valerie Wilkinson) DOC
  • Sorting Hexagons and Pentagons (Claire Sanders) DOC
  • Diagonals of Quadrilaterals (Meryl York) DOC
  • Find the Rectangles & Triangles (Claire Richmond) DOC
  • 2D Shape Pairs (Becky Smith) DOC
  • Quadrilaterals Revision Sheet (M. Ferguson) DOC
  • Shape Exploration Sheet (Robert Bentall)
  • Shapes Bingo Game (Laura Martin) DOC
  • 2D Shapes Jigsaw (Peter Barnett)
  • 2D Shapes Dominoes (Lynn Taylor)
  • 2D Shapes Missing Angles (Sarah Bracken)
  • 2D Shapes Properties Questions (Anna Jacobs) DOC
  • 2D Shape Taboo Game (Chelsey Wilson)
  • Shape Prefixes (Lisa Baker) DOC
  • Shape Sorter (Jo Kaye) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Shapes (Debby Michael) MS Powerpoint
  • 2D Shapes (Claire Mackay) MS Powerpoint
  • Shape Reveal (Gareth Pitchford) Downloadable Program
  • 2D Shape Show (Sonja Weed) MS Powerpoint
  • Shape & Space (T2 Unit 5a) (Fred Daynes) MS Powerpoint
  • 2D Shapes (Hazel Jones) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • 2D Shapes Revision & Diagonals (Taras Kaminskyj) MS Powerpoint
  • Line Basics (Jacky Quinn) MS Powerpoint
  • Classifying Polygons (Alice Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • Triangles (Louise Whitby) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Name and Describe 2D Shapes (Cindy Hoy) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • What 2D Shape am I? (Sara Louise Zborowski) MS Powerpoint
  • Types of Triangles (Sara Louise Zborowski) MS Powerpoint
  • The Shape Show (Sian Wiley) MS Powerpoint
  • 2D Shapes (Karen Cook) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Polyominoes (Suzanne Coxon) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Guess the Shape with Daisy Bear (Laura Martin) MS Powerpoint
  • Shape Revealer (Dawn Ellis) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Match Shapes 1 (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Match Shapes 2 (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Shapes Pattern (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Shape Sorting Tree (Joy Clark) PDF
  • Shape Decision Tree (Paul Armitstead) PDF
  • Shape Challenge
  • Binary Key (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • 2D Shape Key (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Shape Sheets (Clare Withey) PDFs - Sheet 1 - Sheet 2 - Sheet 3 - Sheet 4 - Sheet 5 - Sheet 6
  • Looking at (2D) shapes (Ian Mason) PDF
  • Triangle Information Sheet (Gareth Rein) DOC
  • 2D Shape Mix Up (Hannah Blackledge) DOC
  • Shape Wanted (Antoinette Payne) DOC
  • Properties of 2D Shapes (Vicky Frampton) DOC
  • Make the Shape (Richard Tunnadine) DOC
  • Types of Triangles (Edward Bailey) DOC
  • Shapes in the Classroom (Rhian Thomas) DOC
  • Shape Vocab Display (Kathryn Cox) DOC
  • 2D Shape Display (Lisa Chaffer) DOC
  • Shape Assessment ( Level C) (Jacqui Joyce) DOC
  • Straight & Curved Sides (Venn Diagram) (Juana Craig) DOC
  • Triangle Pictures (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • 2D Simple Shape Names (Andrew Woodcock) XLS
  • Geometry ( Level 3) (Chris Moriarty) DOC
  • Shape Vocab Flashcards (Jayne Plant) DOC
  • 2D Shapes to Cut Out (Sarah Hambley) DOC
  • Shape Sequences (Charlotte Francis) PDF
  • Class 2D Shape Sort (A. Vohora) DOC
  • Hexominoes (Lesley Ingham) DOC
  • 2D Shapes Key (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Changing Shapes (Laura Roberts) DOC
  • 2D Shapes Sheets (Morag Watson)
  • Sorting Triangles (Leanne Huntley)
  • 2D Shape Pelmanism (Rosie Wedderburn) DOC
  • Shapes Fan (Laura Martin) DOC
  • 2D Shape Matching Cards (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Shape Wanted Poster (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Shape Teaching Progression (Tom McNeil) DOC
  • 2D Shapes Match (Carly Peart) DOC
  • 2D Shapes Human Treasure Hunt (Nicola Rosemergy)

3-D Shapes:

  • 3D Shapes (Claire Mackay) MS Powerpoint
  • 3D Shapes (Anita Sharif) MS Powerpoint
  • 2D and 3D Shapes (Malcolm Swannell) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Properties of 2D and 3D Shapes (L Stonier) MS Powerpoint
  • Visualising Nets (Louise Whitby) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Visualising 3D Shapes (Natasha Outhwaite) ActivStudio
  • 3D Shapes Addition (Howard Seymour) MS Powerpoint
  • Everyday Objects as 3D Shapes (Therese Ganser)) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Cube Net (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Prism Net (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • 3d Shapes Names sheet (Gill O'Neill) PDF
  • Can you make a cube from these nets? (Rob Clarke) PDF
  • 3D Shape Properties (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Properties of 3D Shapes (Vicky Frampton) DOC
  • 3D Shapes Quizzes (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Investigating Nets for a Cube (Owen Brown) DOC
  • Pyramid Nets (Danny Ralph) DOC
  • 3D Shapes Sorting Key (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • 3D Shapes Grid (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Ordering 3D Shapes (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • 3D Shape Bingo (Janet Martin)
  • 3D Shapes Properties Posters (Rachel Henderson) DOC
  • 3D Shapes Nets
  • Drawing Cubes on Isometric Paper (Theo Farrer) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • 2D & 3D Shape Assessment (Lisa Baker) DOC
  • 3-D Shapes (Gareth Pitchford) Smart Notebook (zipped) Easiteach
  • Unit 4: Shape & Space (Dot Hullah) ActivStudio
  • Shape & Space (T2 Unit 5a) (Fred Daynes) MS Powerpoint
  • Shape Detectives (Vicky Dowding) MS Powerpoint
  • 3D Shapes (Rehema Munting) Activ
  • Properties of 3D Shapes (Georgina Zacharias) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Identifying the Nets of 3D Shapes (Jo Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • Cuboid Net (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Pyramid Net (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • 3D Shapes (Anne Leonard)
  • Matching Nets to Shapes (Steve Birchall) DOC
  • 2D & 3D Shape Property Match (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • 3D Blocks (Georgina Burtenshaw) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • 3D Shape Properties (Vicky Chanin)
  • Prisms (Danny Ralph) DOC
  • Cube Nets (Danny Ralph) DOC
  • 2D & 3D Shapes Word Mats (Laura Roberts) DOC
  • 3D Shapes Properties (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Match 3D Shapes to Nets (Jenny Synnott)
  • Describing 3D Shapes (Emily Murton)
  • 3D Shapes Match (Carly Peart) DOC
  • Shapes Jigsaw (Lorraine Bastone)
  • 3D Shapes (Venn Diagram) Sorting (Laura Coady)

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