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Additional Resources for German

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Additional Resources for German
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We always welcome corrections to resources, particularly by native language speakers.

German: Planning & Assessment

  • Medium Term Planning: Unit 1 (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 2 - Numbers (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 1 - Numbers (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 3 - Greetings & Goodbyes (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 5 - Consolidation (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 7 - Weather (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 9 - Culture (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 1 - Numbers (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 3 - Numbers (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 2 - Numbers (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 4 - Colours (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 6 - Weather (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Lesson 8 - Introducing Oneself (Chris Mayoh) PDF

German: Presentations, Worksheets & Display Material

  • Vocab (Andrea Thatcher & Renate) MS Powerpoint
  • Numbers (Simon Bourne) Flash (web) Downloadable Program
  • German Numbers (Chris Mayoh)
  • Face Words (Frauke Ander) MS Powerpoint
  • Vegetables (Frauke Ander) MS Powerpoint
  • Meals (Frauke Ander) MS Powerpoint
  • Die Farben (Colours) (Jane Atkin) PDF
  • School Wordsearch (Frauke Ander) DOC
  • Months & Seasons (Jenny Webb) DOC
  • Describe Yourself (Jenny Webb) DOC
  • Animal Matching (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Colour Matching (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Weather Activity (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Weather Flashcards (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Number Flashcards (0-12) (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Maths (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • German Characters on Your Keyboard (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Vocabulary (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Colour Flashcards (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Colour Bingo (Frauke Ander) DOC
  • Seasons Flashcards (Frauke Ander) DOC
  • O Tannenbaum (Mr P) DOC
  • Addition & Subtraction (Katy Heyworth)
  • Greetings Worksheets (Katy Heyworth)
  • Number Matching (Katy Heyworth)
  • Introduction to Germany (Nicky Jeffery)
  • Introduction to Germany Worksheet (Nicky Jeffery) DOC
  • Animals (Andrea Thatcher & Renate) MS Powerpoint
  • Germany (Chris Mayoh)
  • The Face (Frauke Ander) MS Powerpoint
  • School Subjects (Frauke Ander) MS Powerpoint
  • German Body Parts (Wendy Baxter Kennedy) MS Powerpoint
  • Animals Wordsearch (Frauke Ander) DOC
  • Months & Seasons Vocab (Jenny Webb) DOC
  • Animal Wordsearch (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Animal Flashcards (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Wordsearch (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Number Group Activity (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Pronunciation (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Word Jumble (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Numbers Vocab (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Colours Vocab (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Weather Vocab (Chris Mayoh) PDF
  • Introducing Oneself Vocab Sheet (Chris Mayoh) PDF (See lesson plan)
  • Role Play (Chris Mayoh) PDF (See lesson plan)
  • The Weather (Jenny Webb) PDF
  • Breakfast Activity (Frauke Ander) DOC
  • Numbers Flashcards (Alasdair Smith) DOC
  • Colours Flashcards (Alasdair Smith) DOC
  • Basic Conversation Flashcards (Katy Heyworth)
  • Number Flashcards (Katy Heyworth)
  • Food Matching Sheet (Sarah Sergeant)
  • Colours (Katrin Federer)
  • Who Are You? (Katrin Federer)

Primary Resources relies completely on contributions from teachers for the resources on the site.

One of the problems we face with the languages section is that often material is sent in by non-specialist teachers. Sometimes these resources contain spelling or grammatical errors.

I've no way of checking this material myself so I'm always very grateful when native language speakers or specialist language teachers let me know of any errors they've found and how to go about correcting them.

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