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Sentence Level:
Other Sentence Level Work & SPaG Resources

Other Resources / SPaG



  • Paragraph work (Gareth Pitchford) whole class work PDF - sheet 1 PDF - sheet 2 PDF
  • Paragraphs (2 sheets) (Mark Lacey) PDF
  • Reasons for Using a New Paragraphs (Iffat Sardharwalla) DOC
  • Little Miss Muffet Paragraphs (Lynda Spencer) MS Powerpoint
  • Introducing Paragraphs (Gareth Pitchford)
  • Family Paragraphs (Kevin Kerr) PDF
  • Grammar Starter: Paragraphing (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint

Other Resources / SPaG:

  • Predicting the meaning of new words (Lindsay Carmichael) MS Powerpoint
  • 'If' Sentences (Miranda Mumford) MS Powerpoint
  • Conditional Sentences (Matthew Sephton) MS Powerpoint
  • Missing Words 1 (interactive) (Vicky Clarke) DOC
  • Missing Words 1 (interactive) (Vicky Clarke) DOC
  • English Language "Jeopardy" (Elizabeth Wells) DOC
  • The Nine Parts of Speech (Maxine Clarke) MS Powerpoint
  • Building Good Sentences (Georgina Burtenshaw) MS Powerpoint
  • Improving Sentences (Clair Moult) DOC
  • Trimming Sentences-y (Linda Hall) DOC
  • Embedded Clauses (Sue Mercer) DOC
  • Literacy Word & Sentence Display (Abi Huggins) DOC
  • Sentence Building Blocks (Loucy Georgiou) DOC
  • Improving Your Writing (Louise Hunter) MS Powerpoint
  • Silly Sentences (Judith Bevan) DOC
  • Introducing VCOP (Erika Bright) MS Powerpoint
  • VCOP Activities 1 (Erika Bright) MS Powerpoint
  • VCOP Activities 2 (Erika Bright) MS Powerpoint
  • Varying Sentence Structures (Sam Plummer) MS Powerpoint
  • Literacy Lesson Starters (Michael Ball) MS Powerpoint
  • Better Sentences Posters (Andrea Mosedale) Flash (web)
  • Get it Rite! (Spot the Mistakes) (Maire Stephens) DOC
  • Improving Sentences 1 (Andrew Woodcock) MS Powerpoint
  • Improving Sentences 2 (Andrew Woodcock) MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar and Vocabulary Starters (Ruth Trevitt)
  • Clever Clauses (Ruth Norbury) DOC
  • Grammar Cloze Activity (Hannah Evans) DOC
  • Improving Sentences (Robert Baird) DOC
  • Too or Enough (Janet Mournard) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Death at the Spag Bol (SPaG Murder Mystery) (Peter Barnett)
    MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint Story
    Clues Answers
  • Pointless SPaG (Peter Barnett) MS Powerpoint Answers
    Important Notes for Teachers
  • The Great British SPaG Off (Peter Barnett)
    MS Powerpoint Story
    Clues Suspects Answers
  • The Spag Dress Disaster (Peter Barnett)
    MS Powerpoint Story
    Clues Suspects Answers
  • SPaG is a Joke - The Game (Peter Barnett) Notes
    MS Powerpoint Questions
    Pupil Sheet Answers Solution
  • SPaG is a Joke - The 'SATs' Paper (Peter Barnett)
    Presentation (Test & Answers)
    MS Powerpoint Test
  • The Complete Language Structures Kit (Fidelia Nimmons) DOC
  • Primary Grammar Progression (Fidelia Nimmons) DOC
  • Clauses and Sentences (Miranda Mumford) MS Powerpoint
  • Embedded Clauses (Sue Mercer) MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar Practice (Sam Fortune) PDF
  • Ambiguities in Sentences (Lesley Rigelsford) DOC
  • Ambiguous Statements (Iffat Sardharwalla) MS Powerpoint
  • Clauses (Paul Cockcroft) HTML / PDF
  • Ban Boring Sentences! (Steph Gilchrist) MS Powerpoint
  • Complex Sentences (Clair Moult) DOC
  • Literacy Reminder Mats (Jade Robson) DOC
  • Extending a Simple Sentence (Sadie-Marie Cook) MS Powerpoint
  • Adjectival Clauses Cards (Catherine Leyow) DOC
  • N-A-V-Adj Posters (Debbie Kryvoblocki) Flash (web) MS Powerpoint
  • Descriptive Sentences (Lindsay Carmichael) MS Powerpoint
  • Simple, Compound or Complex Sentences (Jennifer Craft) MS Powerpoint
  • Simple and Complex Sentences (Cath Walls) DOC
  • Making Our Writing More Interesting (Lesley Reid) DOC
  • Punctuation and Sentence Construction (Nicola Clements) DOC
  • Writer's Toolkit (Jo Northage) DOC
  • VCOP Song (Leila Behrman)
  • Up Levelling (Andy Curtis) DOC
  • Assessment Focus 5 (Sentences) Ideas (Leanne Fecenec) DOC
  • A Sentence a Day - Task Sheets (Morag Watson) PDF
  • Using "drop-in" (Subordinate) Clauses (Morag Watson) PDF
  • ISPACE Sentence Starters (Rachel Rowtcliff) DOC
  • Independent or Dependent Clauses (Russell Lammas) MS Powerpoint
  • Simple Cloze Activity (Hannah Evans) DOC
  • Improving Sentences (Rachel Hough) MS Powerpoint
  • Sentence Analysis (Andy Bowman) MS Powerpoint
  • Up-levelling Writing Word Mat (Victoria Scott)
  • Secret Sentences Game (Caroline Andrews) DOC zipped
  • Determiners (Peter Barnett) MS Powerpoint Notes:
  • Making Sentence Openers Interesting & Varied (Maggie Boreham) MS Powerpoint
  • Sentence Writing Peer Evaluation (Cherie Rothery) DOC
  • Clauses and Phrases (Jim Usher) ActivStudio
  • Grammar Starter: Analogies (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar Starter: Interjections (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar Starter: Interrogative Words (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Grammar Starter: Verbs (Ivan Kettlewell) MS Powerpoint
  • Parts of Speech Revision (Xenon Booth) MS Powerpoint

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