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Odd & Even Numbers:

  • Odd and Even (Angie Gore) MS Powerpoint
  • Odd and Even Socks (Katherine Dugdale) DOC
  • Even Number Houses Display (Ruth Shaw) DOC (zipped)
  • Odd Number Cars Display (Ruth Shaw) DOC (zipped)
  • Odd and Even Street (Display) (Julie Goodchild) DOC
  • Owl Sharing - Odd and Even (Liz Jacobs) MS Powerpoint
  • Odd & Even Numbers Display (Shirley Rodgers) DOC
  • Even and Odd Numbers (Mariam Masood) MS Powerpoint
  • Mr Odd and Mrs Even (Allen McCarthy) MS Powerpoint
  • Odd and Even (number facts) (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Odd and Even Numbers Investigation (Amy Williams) DOC
  • Odd and Even Numbers (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Large Odd and Even Numbers (Julia Bloomfield) DOC
  • Sorting Odd and Even Numbers (Gary Thornton) DOC
  • Odd and Even Numbers Grid (Gillian Watson) DOC
  • Odd and Even Numbers (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Recognising Odd and Even Numbers (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Odd and Even (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Odd or Even (Roy Chambers) PDF
  • Discovering Odd and Even Rules ( B1) (Gill Foan) DOC
  • Odd and Even Numbers (LA) (Amanda Parton) PDF
  • Find the Odd and Even Pairs (Mark Norman) DOC

Square, Triangular & Prime Numbers:

  • Square Numbers (David Guest) PDF
  • Square Numbers (Carrie Magee) Easiteach Easiteach
  • Prime Numbers (Andy Clarke) DOC
  • Prime Factors (Jim Usher) Activ
  • Square and Cube Roots (Evelyn Castle) MS Powerpoint
  • Prime Numbers (Peter Barnett) MS Powerpoint
  • Prime Numbers (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Triangular Numbers (David Guest) PDF
  • Number Facts (Ros Mollard) Smart Notebook
  • Prime Factor Trees (Angie Faulkner) Smart Notebook
  • Square and Cube Roots (Evelyn Castle) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Prime Numbers Chart (Evelyn Castle) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint

Factors, Multiples & Divisibility Rules:

  • Multiples of 50 (Jen deGeorgio) DOC
  • Counting in 3s (Emma Davies) DOC
  • Hundred Square Investigation (Sheila Chamberlain) DOC
  • Factors Number Display (Sheila Calder) DOC
  • Multiple Mix-up (Sharon Barker) PDF
  • Digital Wheel Multiplication Patterns (Jacqui Warren) MS Powerpoint Easiteach
  • Multiples of Five (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Multiples of Ten (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Multiples of 2, 5 and 10 (Jon Fordham) DOC
  • Multiples (Roy Chambers) PDF
  • Multiples of 5 and 10 (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Multiples of 2, 5 and 10 (Gareth Pitchford) DOC
  • Multiples of 2, 3, 5 and 10 (Rubina Ibrahim) MS Powerpoint
  • Factor Finding (Rachel Smith) DOC
  • Multiples of 5 (Auveen Twomey) Easiteach
  • Multiples of 10 (Auveen Twomey) Easiteach
  • Multiples of 2 (Auveen Twomey) Easiteach
  • Multiples of 3 (Auveen Twomey) Easiteach
  • Multiple Tricks (Sue Olson) DOC
  • Multiples of 4 (Auveen Twomey)Easiteach
  • Properties of Numbers ( B1 U1) (Kim Griffiths) DOC
  • Find the Multiples (R Lovelock) Smart Notebook
  • Interactive 100 Square (Mike Haslam)
  • Factor Family (Priya Shah) MS Powerpoint
  • Number Patterns & Relationships (Caroline Greenall) ActivStudio
  • Stand-up Factors Game (Richard Sewell) DOC
  • Multiples and Factors (Rémi Gonthier) DOC
  • Factors Display (Matthew Best) DOC
  • Class Quiz: Factors & Multiples (Lynne Outhwaite) MS Powerpoint
  • Properties of Numbers (Paul Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Divisibility Rules (Jenny Russell) MS Powerpoint
  • Factors, Primes and Square Numbers (and using factors in multiplication) (Mike Ball) MS Powerpoint
  • Divisibility Tests (Paul Williams) MS Powerpoint
    updated version (Ben Cole) MS Powerpoint
  • Factors or Not? (R Lovelock) Smart Notebook
  • Lowest Common Multiples (Catherine Murphy) MS Powerpoint
  • Factors up to 30 (Robert Nicks)
  • Millipede Multiples (Blank) (Cherie McLaughlin) DOC
  • Factor Bugs (Joanna Cayley) DOC
  • Factor Bugs (Blank) (Cherie McLaughlin) DOC

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