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Length / Distance:

  • Measuring Centimeters with a Ruler (Roy Finney) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Measuring with a ruler (Adrian Chorlton) PDF
  • Resources: OHP ruler PDF
    Clock Scale PDF (Adrian Chorlton)
  • Measuring (Cathy Genovese) PDF
  • Measuring in cm and mm (2 sheets) (Carol Daley) DOC
  • Length Conversion (WWtbaM) (Angela Mance) MS Powerpoint
  • Measuring using cms (Vicky Frampton) DOC
  • mm, cm or m? (Zoe Mayston) DOC
  • Pairs (mm, cm, m) (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Equivalent Lengths (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Length Measuring Equipment (Paul Cogan) DOC
  • My Measurements (David G. Lazell)
  • Scaled Measurements (Caroline McCabe) MS Powerpoint
  • cm and m (M Jacobs) PDF
  • Measuring with a tape measure (Teresa Charles) PDF
  • Measuring (4 Sheets) (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Appropriate Units of Length (Juana Craig) DOC
  • Length Units Display (Sarah Melbourne)
  • How Long is Your Step? (Saul Molina) PDF
  • Made to Measure (cm/mm) (Dave Thomas) PDF
  • Reading Scales (Carl Ward)
  • Scales Space Challenge (Carl Ward)
  • Reading Scales (Jennifer Craft)
  • Shortest to Tallest (Faheema Seedat) DOC
  • Short or Tall? (K Leeds) MS Powerpoint
  • Size Ordering (Gareth Pitchford) Downloadable Program
  • Caterpillar Lengths (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Compare Sizes (Lisa Baker) DOC
  • Pencil Lengths (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Measuring in cubes & cms (Val Collier) DOC
  • Measuring in cms (Emily Haggath)
  • Measuring: Taller or Shorter than Me (Louisa Ayling) DOC
  • Measuring: Shortest to Tallest (Louisa Ayling) DOC
  • Measuring Lengths (NS Units) (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Measuring Length (Cath Collinge) MS Powerpoint
  • Measuring: Using our bodies (Louisa Ayling) DOC
  • Measure (Ian Mason) Sheet 1 PDF - Sheet 2 PDF - Sheet 3 PDF
  • Length Extension Work (Goldilocks) (Ciara Burns) DOC
  • Measuring (Distance) Display (Emma Lunt) DOC
  • More/Less than 10cm (Antoinette Payne) DOC
  • Measuring Length (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Longer or Shorter than 1 metre (Paula Alty) DOC
  • Measuring Pencils (Gill Hurst) DOC
  • Measuring (and Estimating) Length (cms) (Mark Wilson) DOC
  • Measuring and Drawing (cms) (Ashley Elks) DOC
  • Measuring to Nearest cms or mms (Morag Watson)
  • Finger Measuring Investigation (Diane Marshall)
  • Completing the Scale (Howard Seymour) MS Powerpoint
  • Investigating mms and cms (Sarah Terry) DOC
  • Measure the Lines (Helen Chapman) DOC
  • Ordering Measures (Mez Miles)
  • Measuring Length (cm/m) (Lydia Robards) MS Powerpoint
  • Choose the Correct Unit (Distance) (Paula Alty) MS Powerpoint
  • Measuring Length in cm and mm (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Reading (Rulers) Scales (Hazel Burt)
  • Measuring in cm and mm (Emma Fenn)
  • Measure and Draw Accurately (mm/cm) (Jim Usher) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Estimate and Measure (mm/cm) (Jim Usher) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Measuring Lines (Craig Stevens) PDF
  • Converting km and m (Carrie Magee) DOC
  • Reading Scales (Howard Seymour) MS Powerpoint
  • Measuring Lines (Lucy Hall) DOC
  • Choose the Units(Hazel Burt) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Measure and Estimate 1kg (Rebecca Poole) DOC
  • Estimate, Measure & Record (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Measuring with Accuracy (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Measures Posters (Amanda Hollis) DOC
  • Converting mm/cm/m (Paula Alty) DOC
  • T2 U4 Measures (David Arthur)
  • Measuring (nearest half cm or mm) (Tony Chapman) MS Powerpoint
  • Length of Fish (Paul Cogan) DOC
  • Measuring Lines (mixed cm/mm) (Martin Lowe) DOC
  • Dinosaur Lengths (Katherine Dobbie) MS Powerpoint
  • Joe Average (Wesley Buzza) DOC
  • Equivalent Lengths (cm/m) (Rosie Morgan) DOC
  • Converting Lengths (Daryl West) DOC
  • Vitruvian Man (Measuring Activity) (Tom Arnold) DOC
  • Reading Scales (Jess Fenton) MS Powerpoint
  • Cut and Stick Equivalent Lengths (Lisa Carr) DOC
  • Measuring Picture (Brenda Vaughan) DOC
  • Travelling Distances (Claire Allen) DOC
  • Converting Metric Length Units (Unit 1 Block D) (Lesley Richmond) DOC
  • Holywood Heights (GP) MS Powerpoint
  • Convert cm to mm (Jim Usher)
  • Converting Measurements (Nicola Middleton) DOC
  • Converting km to m (Vicky Perry) DOC
  • Metric Units Jigsaw (Peter Barnett)
  • Measuring in cms and mms (Polly Marshall) PDF
  • Converting Metric Lengths (Meryl York) DOC
  • Reading Scales: Capacity (Cathryn Jones) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • AFL Players (Renee Casalis) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Gone to the Dogs! (Renee Casalis) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Converting mm - cm - m (Sarah Melbourne)
  • Converting Lengths cm/m (Pete Bailey)
  • Length Conversions (Sarah Addicott) MS Powerpoint
  • Converting m and cm (Lisa Newman) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint

Mass / Weight:

  • Weights and Weighing (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Weight Questions 1 (John Wakefield) PDF
  • Weight Conversion (Rosie Iribas) DOC
  • Weight Ordering (Catherine Morgan) DOC
  • Paper Skeleton (Gavin Johnson) PDF
  • Mass (Weight) WWtbaM (Helen Barlow) MS Powerpoint
  • Weight Recording Sheet (Catherine Morgan) DOC
  • Using Force Meters to weigh objects (Adrian Chorlton) - Standard SheetPDF - Easier Sheet PDF
  • Relationship between g and kg (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Weight Questions 2 (John Wakefield) PDF
  • How Heavy? (Elizabeth Chalk) PDF
  • Weight (kg) Homework (Ann Turner) DOC
  • Heavy or Light? (Lindsey Calvin) MS Powerpoint
  • Weight Investigation (Sarah Pascall)
  • Measuring Mass (Rachel Rosa) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Reading Scales (kg) (Jenny Wilson) DOC
  • Heavier or Lighter? (Melissa Phyall) DOC
  • Measuring Weight (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Weight WWtbaM (Chris Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Weight Estimation (Louise Macdonald) DOC
  • Journey to Mars (Mass) (Norma Tregoning) DOC
  • Reading Scales (Nick Ash) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Mass Problems (Howard Seymour) MS Powerpoint
  • Mass Problems 2 (Howard Seymour) MS Powerpoint
  • Reading Scales (Nick Ash) DOC
  • Measuring Mass (g/kg) (Emma Graham) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Mass (Caroline Deery) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Estimating & Measuring Mass (Lucy Hall) DOC
  • Convert, Order & Round Weights (Becky Evans) DOC
  • Supermarket Weights (Sophie Harris) DOC
  • Converting g and kg (Paula Alty) DOC
  • Reading (Mass) Scales (Hazel Burt)
  • Mass (Leah Wright) Flash (web) MS Powerpoint
  • Order Weight Cards (Ian Harragan) DOC
  • Reading Scales (Joseph O'Farrell) DOC
  • Converting g/kg+g/kg (Mike Ball) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Converting g/kg+g/kg (Mike Ball)
  • Reading Scales (Louise Whitby) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • What's the Weight? (Katherine Dobbie) MS Powerpoint
  • Measures Problems (Louise Whitby) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Converting Grams to Kilograms (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Ounces to Grams (Caroline McCabe) MS Powerpoint
  • Converting Grams to Kilograms (2) (Alun Stephens) PDF
  • Ounces to Grams (Caroline McCabe) DOC

Capacity / Volume:

  • Estimating Capacity (Mark Laird) PDF
  • Word Problems: Capacity & Time (Karen McVea) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Capacity: Full or Empty (K. Leeds) MS Powerpoint
  • Investigating Capacity (1 litre) (Michelle Carter) DOC
  • Cup Capacity (Louisa Ayling) #1 DOC - #2 DOC - #3 DOC
  • Container Capacity Homework (Victoria Goodall) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Capacity Problems (3 sheets) (Veronica Thomas) PDF
  • Measuring Containers (Jennifer Gibbs) DOC
  • Capacity of Containers (DA Kemp) DOC
  • Measuring Capacity (Charlotte Harvey) DOC
  • Capacity WWtbaM (Chris Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Filling 1 Litre (Karen Griffiths)
  • Capacity Word Problems (Lorraine Yates) DOC
  • Measuring Jug Plenary (Hazel Burt) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Capacity Estimation (Louise Macdonald) DOC
  • Fractions of Capacity Cards (Helen Spring) DOC
  • Estimating & Measuring Capacity (Lucy Hall) DOC
  • Capacity Homework (Sheila Creed) DOC
  • Reading Scales: Capacity (Karen McVea) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Capacity (ml/l) (Sarah Pascall)
  • Capacity Problems (Katey Pearce) DOC
  • Comparing ml/l (Edward Davey) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Capacity (Reading Scales) (Adam Wenlock) MS Powerpoint
  • Volume Visuals (Adam Wenlock) DOC
  • Converting Litres and Millilitres (Angela Ledger) MS Powerpoint
  • Capacity l/ml (Louise Hunter) MS Powerpoint
  • Capacity Word Problems (Emma Nealgrove) DOC
  • Volume of Cuboids (Peter Barnett) / Answers
  • Converting Capacity (Samantha Chamberlain) DOC
  • Volume (Adam Wenlock) MS Powerpoint
  • Capacity (Dot Hullah) ActivStudio
  • Capacity WWtbaM (Liz Jacobs) MS Powerpoint
  • Capacity Word Problems (Rebecca Connor) DOC
  • Volume (Peter Barnett) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Volume Jigsaw (Peter Barnett)
  • Capacity Investigation (Mark Laird) PDF
  • Capacity Match (Mark Laird) PDF
  • Converting Capacity (Mark Laird) PDF

Mixed Resources:

  • Vital Statistics (Eddie Huntington) PDF
  • Measurement Conversions (Gareth Rein) DOC
  • Converting Between Metric Units (Interactive) (S Botten) XLS
  • Measuring Mix Up (Vickie Rock) DOC
  • Measures Relationships (R. Lovelock) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Measuring Weight, Capacity & Length (Martine -) DOC
  • Measures Jigsaw (Lorraine Bastone)
  • Units for Measuring (Zoe Mayston) MS Powerpoint
  • Units of Measurement Test (John Croxton) DOC
  • Converting mixed units (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Measure Situations (Flora Peden Smith) DOC
  • Choosing and Converting Units (Jim Usher) DOC
  • Units of Measurement Fan (Julie Osgerby) DOC
  • Choosing Suitable Non-Standard Units (Jennifer McCabe) DOC
  • Which Unit? (Rachael Correya)
  • Choosing Units of Measure (Paula Cook) DOC
  • Measure Posters (Julie Phillips) DOC
  • Trip to the Shops (Sabina Common) DOC
  • Unit 5: Measures (Dot Hullah) ActivStudio
  • Measuring Mass, Capacity and Length (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Scales (Melanie Wilson) DOC
  • Reading Scales (Catherine Lee) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Mass Word Problems (Louise Macdonald) DOC
  • Measuring Vocabulary (Caroline Whittle) DOC
  • Secret Agent Capacity Mission (Sarah Gladwin) DOC
  • Interpreting Divisions on Scales (Richard McIntosh) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Reading Scales (Robert Nicks) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Measurement Reasoning 1 (Chris Nelson) MS Powerpoint
  • Measurement Reasoning 2 (Chris Nelson) MS Powerpoint
  • Measurement Reasoning 3 (Chris Nelson) MS Powerpoint
  • Converting Measurements (Greta Viertel) DOC
  • Ordering Measurements (Joanna Martin) DOC
  • Measures (T1 Unit 9 Day 1 - 5) (Fred Daynes) MS Powerpoint
  • Measures (T2 Unit 7) (Fred Daynes) MS Powerpoint
  • Measures (T2 Unit 7, Day 2-5) (Fred Daynes) MS Powerpoint
  • Units and Estimation (Rebecca Nelson) DOC
  • Converting Units (Alison Day) ActivStudio
  • Measures & Problem Solving (T3 Unit 10 Day 2) (Joanne Robson) MS Powerpoint
  • Converting Units (Alison Day) DOC
  • Measurement Units Crossword/Word Search (Peter Barnett)
  • Units & Conversions (Vicki Partridge) DOC
  • Imperial Units (Caroline McCabe) MS Powerpoint
  • Imperial Units Uses (Caroline McCabe) DOC
  • Converting Measurements (Miss Peach) DOC
  • Imperial Units Plan (Caroline McCabe) DOC
  • Measurement Assessment ( Level 2 / 3) (Chris Moriarty) DOC

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