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Growth and nutrition:

  • The Parts of A Plant (Edleston Children) Downloadable Program
  • What do plants need to grow? (Samantha Norling) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh translation by Rhian Jones)
    (Greek translation by Matina Papageorgiou)
  • Plants (Anne Mills) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh translation by Rebeca James)
  • The Parts of a Plant
  • Leaf Factories (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Plant Nutrition (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Vocab Sheet: Plants (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Plant Predictions (Gerard Fitzpatrick) PDF
  • Plants Planning (Tracey West) DOC
  • Seeds/Growing Plants (Victoria Jackman) DOC
  • Parts of a Plant (Janet Robinson) DOC
    (Welsh translation by Rhian Jones) DOC
  • Growing a Sunflower (Carol Wright) DOC
  • Plant Parts Dominoes / "Follow Me" Cards (Christian Park) DOC
  • Light and Plants (Aulikki Cassimatis) DOC
  • Planting a Seed (Order) (Paula Atty) DOC
  • What Seeds Needs to Grow (Catherine White) MS Powerpoint
  • Eating Plant Parts (Catherine White) DOC
  • Helping Plants Grow Well (Tamsin Brown)
  • How Roots and Stems Work (Karen Walmsley) DOC
  • Plant Labelling (Caroline Goan) DOC
  • Plant Growth Investigation (Andrew Blakeston)
  • Cress Investigation (Nicola Hidden) LA DOC - MA DOC - HA DOC
  • The Parts of a Plant/Flower (Darren Baker) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh translation by Rhian Jones)
  • Life Cycles - Germination (Cat Chambers)
  • Plants Investigation (Ruth Watson) MS Powerpoint
  • Green Plants (Joanna Perry) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh translation by Rebeca James)
  • Plants (WWtBaM) (Chris Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Plant Experiments (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Parts of a Plant (Georgina Culley) DOC
  • Growing Healthy Plants (Georgina Culley) DOC
  • Photosynthesis (Georgina Culley) DOC
  • How do plants make food? (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Bean Plant (Katherine Rayner) DOC
  • Plants Project Ideas (Amber Phillips) DOC
  • Growing Plants Word Bank (Natalie Eyles) DOC
  • What Tree am I? (Kate Delauney) DOC
  • Labelling a Flower Game (Emma Davies) DOC
  • Cress Growing Experiment (Catherine White) MS Powerpoint
  • What Cress Needs to Grow (Catherine White) MS Powerpoint
  • Plant Roots and Stems (Cloze) (Karen Walmsley) DOC
  • Which are Plants? (Lucy Cosstick) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Bean Diary (Rebecca Hall)
  • Why Leaves Change Colour in Autumn (Jean Adams)
  • Making Grassheads (Lesson) (Jane Baxter) DOC
  • Making Grassheads (Worksheets) (Jane Baxter) PDF


  • How a flower is pollinated (Samatha Scott) MS Powerpoint
  • Pollination (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Plant Reproduction (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Inside the Flower (Georgina Culley) DOC
  • Seed Dispersal (Emma Raft) MS Powerpoint
  • Seed Dispersal (Georgina Culley) DOC
  • Seed Germination (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Seed Dispersal - Wind (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Seed Dispersal - Animals (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Seed Dispersal (Lynn Fletcher) PDF
  • The Parts of a Flower (Jemma Holden) DOC
  • Key Vocab: Flowering Plants (Kim Barnes) PDF
  • Matching Plants and Seeds (Kelly Hanson)
  • Seed Germination Experiment (Sheila Neethling) DOC
  • Plant Life Cycle (Julie Scherer) MS Powerpoint
  • Seed Dispersal Quiz (Louise Whitby) MS Powerpoint
  • The Story of the Five Plants (Seed Dispersal) (Helen Hobbs) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • The Parts of a Flower
  • Seeds Comprehension (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Growing Plants from Seeds (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • The Life of a Sunflower (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • The Parts of a Flower (Stephanie Howdle) PDF
  • Seed Dispersal - Other (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Flowers (Online Activity Support Sheet) (Lisa McIlwaine) DOC
  • Plant Cycle Dominoes (Mark Richardson) PDF
  • Pollination (Dave Thomas) PDF
  • Flower Drive (Abigail Greig)

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