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Football Resources

  • Football Maths: Mean, Median & Mode (Adrian Irons) PDF
  • Football Stadiums (Adrian Irons) PDF
  • World Cup Maths 2002 (Sue Hodson) PDF
  • England Squad Data (World Cup 2006) (Andy Edwards) DOC
  • England WC'06 Squad Data (Lynsey Stott) DOC
  • World Cup Winners & Venues (Roop Brar) DOC
  • World Cup Quiz (Roop Brar) DOC
  • World Cup Acrostic (Julie Mollett) DOC
  • WC Maths Word Problems (Lucy Rothera) DOC
  • WC 06 Pool Results (Roop Brar) DOC
  • World Cup (Research) Quiz (Mark Uttley) DOC
  • Football Starter (Si Lynch)
  • England Football Player Averages (Hannah Blackledge) DOC
  • England Football Player Averages (WC'10) (Hannah Blackledge) DOC
  • World Cup Geography Challenge (Chrissy de Gruchy) DOC
  • My World Cup Country Research (Shay Flanagan) DOC
  • World Cup 2010 Countries (Caroline Davies) MS Powerpoint
  • World Cup 2010 Display (Caroline Davies) MS Powerpoint
  • World Cup Football Shirts (Suzanne Coxon)
  • England Squad Statistcs (WC 2010) (Sharon Sutton) DOC
  • WC 2010: Flight Costs (Helen Newton) DOC
  • WC 2010: England Squad Averages (Ian Wallace) DOC
  • WC 2010: England Qualifying Stats (Adrian Irons) DOC
  • Football & Literacy Themed Table Groups (Matt Flynn) DOC
  • 'Skills from Brazil; Planning (Susan Rickard)
  • Football Maths Ideas (originally Euro 2000)
  • World Cup Football (3 sheets) (Sheila Black) PDF
  • England Football Squad Averages (Richard Sharp) DOC
  • World Cup 2006 Flags & Country Info (Nicola Hill) PDF
  • My World Cup Team (Sarah) DOC
  • World Cup Match Report (Julie Mollett) DOC
  • World Cup Project Ideas (Jan Todd) DOC
  • Maths Mission - Football Board Game (Rhoda Holmes) PUB / PDF
  • WC Tables (Michelle Carter) DOC
  • Order the Shirts (Michelle Carter) DOC
  • Football Results Table Maths (Anne Sugden) DOC
  • Euro 2008 Data Handling (Val Beaumont) PPT/DOC zip
  • Premier League Word Problems (David Brown) DOC
  • World Cup 2010 Spreadsheets (Paul Sainthouse)
  • Football Pitch Maths (Shay Flanagan) DOC
  • Distances between Stadia (WC 2010) (Karen Hart)
  • World Cup 2010 Flags (Karen Hart)
  • WC 2010: Ticket Prices (Helen Newton) DOC
  • WC 2010: Flags Symmetry (Sally Goodwin) DOC
  • World Cup Maths (Calculating Points) (Angela Roach) DOC
  • World Cup 1 & 2 Stage Word Problems (Emma Llewellyn) DOC
  • World Cup 2010 Strips (Adrian Irons) DOC
  • World Cup Maths (R. Perkins) DOC
  • WC 2010: Stadium Capacity Maths (Sharon Sutton) DOC
  • World Cup Simple Calculations (Lesley Gore) DOC

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