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Written Multiplication & Division:

  • Multiplication using the Grid Method (Steve Mendes) MS Powerpoint
  • Written Division Methods (T1 U2) (Fred Daynes) Day 3 MS Powerpoint Day 4 MS Powerpoint Day 5 MS Powerpoint
  • Long Multiplication (Neale Evison) MS Powerpoint
  • Long Division Methods (Paul Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Remainders (Paul Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Calculation Methods (Juliet Green) MS Powerpoint
  • Grid Multiplication TUxU (Paula Alty) MS Powerpoint
  • Dividing Larger Numbers by Chunking (Jo Harvey) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Long Multiplication (How to) (Rosie Iribas) DOC
  • Long Division (How to) (Rosie Iribas) DOC
  • Multiplying Madness (Andrew Murphy) DOC
  • Dividing (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Multiplying TUxU (Louise Pickering) PDF
  • Grid Method Multiplication (Clare Coyle) PDF
  • Multiplication Grids (TUxU) (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Division Using Spider Diagrams (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Decimal Division (Andy Cork) DOC
  • Multiplication - Grid Method (Andrew Woodcock) XLS
  • Multiplying Decimals using the Grid Method (Rachel Sykes) DOC
  • Grid Multiplication TU x U (Rachel Johnston) PDF
  • Grid Method TU x U (Hannah Davies) XLS
  • Grid Method Mistakes! (Naomi Hass) DOC
  • The Box (Grid) Method Uncovered (Paul Wren) DOC
  • Multiplying a Teen Number (Jan Blanthom-Hazell) DOC
  • Grid Multiplication Record Sheets (Neil Harverson)
  • Grid Method Multiplication (Joanne Pooley)
  • Grid Methods Games (Davina Stapley) DOC
  • Chunking Division Methods Games (Davina Stapley) DOC
  • Written Methods: Multiplication & Division (Rosie Wedderburn) DOC
  • Bus Stop Division (Peter Barnett) PDF Answers: PDF
  • Grid Method (Emma Smales) MS Powerpoint
  • Division by Chunking (Toni Boucher)
  • Division - Showing Remainders (LA) (Mike Ball) MS Powerpoint
  • Grid Multiplication TU x U (Mo Hamilon) MS Powerpoint
  • T1 U3 Multiplication & Division (Dida Burrell)
  • Grid Method (x) (Vikie Rock) DOC
  • Grid Method Multiplication (U3 T1) (Marie Shortland) DOC
  • Blank Grid Multiplication Sheet (Vicki Foy) DOC
  • Long Multiplication (XLS file) (Gareth Rossiter)
  • Multiplication Skills (Mark Laird) PDF
  • Tens & Units x Single Digit (XLS file) (Gareth Rossiter)
  • Division Chunking Method (Clare Coyle) DOC
  • Formal Written Multiplication (Richard Queripel) DOC
  • Multiplication Grids (TUxTU) (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Written Division (Andy Cork) DOC
  • Division Methods - Chunking (Andrew Woodcock) XLS
  • Grid Multiplication (Robert della-Spina) DOC
  • Diamond Mining (Mult/Div) (Julie Cann) DOC
  • Long Division Templates (Robert Nicks) XLS
  • Grid Multiplication (Kirsty Maher) DOC
  • Division Using the Number Line Method (MA/HA) (Leanne Huntley) DOC
  • Number Line Division (Judi Ducker) DOC
  • Vertical Chunking Division (Judi Ducker) DOC
  • Long Division Templates (Robert Nicks) (zip)
  • Grid Methods Games (Davina Stapley) DOC
  • Chunking Division Methods Games (Davina Stapley) DOC
  • Grid Method TU x TU (Richard Senior) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Grid Method TU x (H)TU Question Maker (Robert Senior)
  • Multiplication using the Grid Method (Robert Jinkerson) MS Powerpoint
  • Long Multiplication Puzzle (Peter Barnett) PDF Answers: PDF

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