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Targets & Checklists:

  • English 'Child Speak' Level Descriptions (Vicky Frampton) DOC
  • Childspeak Narrative Level Descriptions (Mel Caden) DOC
  • Rules for Writing (Deborah Cadman) PDF
  • English Writing Targets (Dawn Hooley) PDF
  • Target Statements R (Kevin Knowles) PDF
  • Target Statements Y1 (Kevin Knowles) PDF
  • Target Statements Y2 (Kevin Knowles) PDF
  • Target Statements Y3 (Kevin Knowles) PDF
  • Target Statements Y4 (Kevin Knowles) PDF
  • Target Statements Y5 (Kevin Knowles) PDF
  • Target Statements Y6 (Kevin Knowles) PDF
  • Evaluating Writing Checklist (Charlotte Mills) DOC [4c to 4a]
  • Writing Checklist (Paula Haley) DOC
  • Writing Checklist (Lou Kite) DOC
  • Evaluation Sheet - Extended Writing (Louise Cosby) DOC
  • Moving My Fiction Writing On (Levels 2 - 5) (Janeet Parnell) DOC
  • Writing Peer/Self Assessment - Level 3 (Carolyn Gage)
  • Writing Peer/Self Assessment - Level 4 (Carolyn Gage)
  • Writing Target Stickers (Level 1c to 3a) (Georgina Stevens)
  • Writing Target Stickers Year 1 Basic Targets (Susie Marland)
  • Writing Target Stickers Year 1 (Susie Marland)
  • Writing Target Stickers Year 1 Punctuation (Susie Marland)
  • Writing Target Stickers Level 2 and 3 (Susie Marland)
  • Writing Target Stickers Level 4 and 5 (Susie Marland)
  • Writing Target Stickers Level 4 and 5 Questions (Susie Marland)
  • Writing Target Stickers Genres (Susie Marland)
  • Reading Target Stickers (Phase 2 to Level 3a) (Georgina Stevens)
  • Literacy "ESCAPE" Success Criteria (Martina Lewis))
  • English Level 2 & 3 APP (Chrissy de Gruchy)
  • KS2 English Writing Level Assessment Sheet (Kath Budd) PDF
  • Writing Profile (Catherine Mitri) PDF
  • Action Plan Framework for KS1 SATs: Reading (Dawn Hooley) PDF
  • Action Plan Framework for KS1 SATs: Writing (Dawn Hooley) PDF
  • Writing Self Assesment Sheet (Sarah Wilkinson) PDF
  • Progression in Phonics Recording Sheet (Margaret McMullin) PDF
  • Check your work: Connectives (Lou Kite) DOC
  • Target Statments for Writing (Andy Clarke) DOC
  • Fiction Self Marking Sheet (David Hawkins)
  • Non-Fiction Self Marking Sheet (David Hawkins)
  • Literacy Checklist (Chrissy De Gruchy) DOC
  • Writing Checklists (Paul Trotman) DOC
  • Child Friendly Reading Levels 3a-5c (Dawn Saffrey) DOC
  • Child Friendly Speaking & Listening Levels 3-5 (Dawn Saffrey) DOC
  • Child Friendly APP Reading Posters (Danni -) DOC
  • Reading APP Bookmarks (Jo Loxley) DOC
  • Writing APP Bookmarks (Jo Loxley) DOC
  • Writing Target Sheets (2c-3b) (Angela Ledger) DOC
  • Literacy Reports Statement Bank (Stephany Hunter) DOC
  • AF Writing Target Cards Levels 1-6 (Penny Brown) DOC (zipped)
  • Success Criteria for Good Writing (Emma Soden) DOC

Tests & Other Assessments :

  • Literacy half term review (Sam Fortune) PDF
  • Y3 Literacy Summer Review (Jane Lester) PDF
  • 'A Mixed Bag' (assessment) (Paul Cockcroft) PDF
  • English SATs Writing Test (Janice Wade)
  • SATs Short Writing Test Revision (Ruth Webb)
  • Shorter Writing Task (Gill Foan)
  • "If I..." Time Filler Writing Ideas (Mez Kyte)
  • Scottish Level A Reading Assessment (Katie Somerville) DOC
  • Aural Comprehension: The House (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Literacy Quiz 1 (Carole Pointer) PDF
  • Grammar Quiz (Cindy Silvester) DOC
  • Optional Literacy Tests GAP Forms (Laura Packman) (draft)
  • Optional Literacy Tests GAP Forms (Laura Packman) (draft)
  • Optional Literacy Tests GAP Forms (Laura Packman) (draft)
  • 10 Minute SPaG Test (Iqra Anwar) DOC

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