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Pattern & Symmetry:

  • Recognise Lines of Symmetry (Lynne Outhwaite) MS Powerpoint
  • Tessellation (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Lines of Symmetry and Angles (Jim Usher)
  • Lines of Symmetry (Pam Williams) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Quadrilaterals Lines of Symmetry (Catherine Roe) DOC
  • Pursuit Curves
  • Line Symmetry (Casey Smith) DOC
  • Reflective Symmetry (Lynne Outhwaite) DOC
  • Reflective Patterns (Iman Bendjedidi) DOC
  • Lines of Symmetry (Dhipa Begum)
  • Patterns (Tracy Foster) MS Powerpoint
  • Repeating Patterns (Shelley Parsons) Easiteach
  • Shape Patterns (Rachael Ballard) PDF
  • Repeating Patterns (Hannah Keegan)
  • Simple Shape Sequences (Aine McLernon) DOC
  • Patterns (Geoff Derry) MS Powerpoint
  • Repeating Patterns (Natasha Teall) MS Powerpoint
  • Extending Shape Patterns (Dhipa Begum)
  • Symmetrical Patterns (Katherine Gronert) MS Powerpoint
  • Symmetry (Cindy Hoy) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Symmetry (Gareth Pitchford) Flash (web) Downloadable Program
  • Lines of Symmetry (Jo Szyndler) DOC
  • Shape Symmetry (Charlotte Jones) PDF
  • Pattern & Symmetry ( Block B Unit 2) (Sandie Bradley) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Symmetry Sheet 1 (Ian Mason) PDF - Sheet 2 (Ian Mason) PDF
  • Symmetry Patterns (Emily Corble) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Lines of Symmetry (Kate Warner) MS Powerpoint
  • Symmetry (Dylan McCarthy) DOC
  • Flag Symmetry (Sarah Shardlow) PDF
  • Tessellating Shapes (Rob Burton)
  • Reflection Grids (Louise Bussell) DOC
  • Shape Sequences (Caroline Payne) DOC
  • Reflections in a Mirror Line (Ali McNamara) DOC
  • Symmetrical Patterns (Diane Marshall) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Alphabet Line Symmetry (Laura Pegg) DOC
  • Alphabet Symmetry (Emma Bagley) DOC
  • Pentominoes Symmetry (Danny Ralf) DOC
  • Lines of Symmetry (Saadia Kayani) DOC
  • Reflections (Peter Bandthorpe) DOC
  • Lines of Symmetry (Aimi Kinsey-Jones) DOC
  • Symmetry Sheets (Neil Harveson)
  • Reflective Symmetry (Perpendicular Mirror Lines) (I Sproxton) DOC
  • Reflections (Rebecca Riley) MS Powerpoint
  • Lines of Symmetry (Gill O'Neil) DOC
  • Basic Reflection (Manowara Begum) DOC
  • Flags Lines of Symmetry (Ravi Khalsa) MS Powerpoint
  • Reflection (Gareth Pitchford) Downloadable Program
  • Symmetry (Linda Hawker)
  • Translation (Stephen Rawlinson) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Reflection in 4 Quadrants (Kate Lentern) DOC
  • Horizontal and Verticle Reflections (Justin Stretch) PDF
  • Translations on all Quadrants (Dhipa Begum)
  • Simple Translations (Dhipa Begum)
  • Reflection (Dhipa Begum)
  • Diagonal Reflections (Justin Stretch) PDF
  • Reflections in a 45° Mirror Line (Claire Tunnicliffe) DOC
  • Translation (Dhipa Begum)
  • Translation and Co-ordinates (Joe Freeman & Lucy Burden)
  • Rotating about a Vertex (Martine Laidler) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Translations (Katie Wade) MS Powerpoint
  • Rotation (Cat Stone)
  • Reflections in 4 Quadrants (Selcuk Basak) PDF
  • Rotating Shapes Challenge (Selcuk Basak) PDF
  • Rotation (Gareth Pitchford) Downloadable Program
  • Symmetry Across a Line (Cat Stone)
  • Translation (Karen Smith) DOC
  • Rotating Shapes (Selcuk Basak) PDF

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