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Resources on Christianity

  • Christianity (Claire Jones) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh translation by Iona Venables)
  • The Bible (Chris Cawood) MS Powerpoint
  • Christianity and the Bible WWtbaM (Bev Cavanagh) MS Powerpoint
  • How the Bible is used (Janice Jenkins) DOC
  • The Bible (Karen Scott) DOC
  • The Books in the Bible (Katie Jump) DOC
  • What is the Bible? (Sarah Pascall)
  • Bible References (Chris Lockwood) DOC
  • Holy Books (Sarah Pascall)
  • Bible Quiz (Marc Walding) DOC
    (Welsh translation by Rebeca James) DOC
  • The Bible Medium Term Planning (Abi Huggins) DOC
  • The Bible (Famous Books Quiz) (Lisa Dun) DOC
  • Bible Story Memory Game (Clare Foody) DOC
  • Books of the Bible Sort (Paula Alty) DOC
  • Scripture References (Julia Earle) MS Powerpoint
  • The Lord's Prayer Song (Ted Hobden) Zipped Images
  • The Lord's Prayer (CofE Modern) (Cindy Shanks) DOC
  • Creation Worksheet (S D Jones) DOC
  • God as a Creator (Jenny Earl) DOC
  • Creation Story (Christianity) (Becky Sprigg) DOC
  • 'God Made the Earth' Assembly (Jenny Radford) DOC
  • Caring for Creation Planning (Kate Lowndes) DOC
  • Christian Creation Story (Sharon Young) DOC
  • Interactive Church (Andy Rhodes) Downloadable Program
  • Why Sundays? (Christianity) (Heather Slater) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Places of Worship (Louis Taylor) MS Powerpoint
  • What's in a Church that Makes it Special? (Gemma Peck) MS Powerpoint
  • Church Word Search (Janice Jenkins) DOC
  • What is a Church? (Jennie Leeper) DOC
  • Colours of the Church Year (Steve Woodcock) DOC
  • Sacraments (Claire Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • The Seven Sacraments (Julia Earle) MS Powerpoint
  • Praying the Rosary (Karen Falconer) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • The Rosary (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Crosses in Christianity (Ali McNamara) MS Powerpoint
  • "The Pascal Candle" Lesson Plans (Carol Dawson) DOC
  • Christening (Sharon Young) DOC
  • Sunday Celebration Sequencing (Holy Family) DOC
  • Forgiveness (Richard Colton) DOC
  • The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Megan Heys) PDF
  • Making a Difference Class Assembly (Lovern Woodhouse) DOC
  • Jesus and his Teachings (Lynne Hardwidge Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • What do you know about Jesus? (Alison Mott) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh translation by Iona Venables)
  • What Jesus Said About Himself (Alice Jones) MS Powerpoint
  • Jesus Growing Up (Paula Alty) DOC
  • What Do You Know About Jesus? Lesson Plan & Activity (Alison Mott) DOC
  • Jesus' Commandments (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Jesus - The Person (Cindy Silvester) DOC
  • Questions About Jesus (Anne-Marie Clark) DOC
  • What was Jesus like? (Rachel Wood) PDF
  • What do Christians belive about Jesus? (Jenny Earl) DOC
  • Parables (4 sheets) (Sian Davies) PDF
  • The Feeding of the Five Thousand
  • Feeding the Five Thousand Clozed (Sam Barnett) DOC
  • The Feeding of the 5,000 (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Zacchaeus the Tax Collector (Storyboard) (Katie Jump) DOC
  • The Twelve Disciples (Storyboard) (Katie Jump) DOC
  • Jarius (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • The Wedding Party (Caroline Shacklady) DOC
  • Good Shepherd (Kim Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • The Prodigal Son (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • 'The Prodigal Son' in verse (A. Curtis) DOC
  • The Prodigal Son (Peter Singh Randhawa) DOC
  • Prodigal Son Assembly (Dave Trotter) DOC
  • The Parable of the Sower and the Seed (Bruce Ollerenshaw) PDF
  • The Parable of the Sower (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Blind Bartimaeus (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • The Good Samaritan (Emma Bevington) DOC
  • The Good Samaritan (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • A Modern 'Good Samaritan' (A. Curtis) DOC
  • 'The Lost Sheep' in verse (A. Curtis) DOC
  • The Lost Sheep (Lisa Stephens)
  • Modern Parable of the Talents (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • The Persistent Widow (Janice Jenkins) DOC
  • The Centurion's Servant (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Ten Lepers (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Lazarus (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Parable of Forgiveness (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Gone Fishing (David Barlow) DOC
  • Conversion of Saul (David Barlow) DOC
  • Road to Emmaus (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Wedding at Cana (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Zacchaeus (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Choices Lesson 1: St. Alban (Gill O'Neill) MS Powerpoint
  • Choices Lesson 2: Ruth (Gill O'Neill) MS Powerpoint
  • Mother Teresa (Nicola Kilgour) MS Powerpoint
  • Patron Saints (Caroline Walter) DOC
  • Other Patron Saints (Caroline Walter) DOC
  • Who was St. Andrew? (Les Robb) DOC
  • Who was Saint George? (Les Robb) DOC
  • St. Patrick (Derek Whitcroft) MS Powerpoint

Old Testament resources can be found in the Judaism section



Easter & Christmas Resources

  • The Easter Story (Dot Hullah) ActivStudio
  • Shrove Tuesday and Lent (Jo Davison) MS Powerpoint
  • Lent (Niamh McDermott) MS Powerpoint
  • Stations of the Cross (Lorraine Critchley) MS Powerpoint
  • Pentecost (Naomi Yeates) MS Powerpoint
  • Easter Presentation (Lisa Sheridan) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Ash Wednesday (Bethany Cooper) MS Powerpoint
  • The Symbols of Easter (Janice Jenkins) DOC
  • Palm Sunday Acrostic Poem (Les Robb) DOC
  • Lent Webquest (Rebecca Evans) DOC
  • Pentecost Wordsearch (Jean Chalmers) Easy Hard
  • Easter Play Script (Andy Curtis) DOC
  • Easter to Pentecost: The Road to Emmaus (Andy Curtis) DOC
  • Easter to Pentecost: Out Fishing (Andy Curtis) DOC
  • Easter to Pentecost: Doubting Thomas (Andy Curtis) DOC
  • Easter to Pentecost: Ascension Thursday (Andy Curtis) DOC
  • Easter to Pentecost: Pentecost (Andy Curtis) DOC
  • Easter Holy Days (Claire Miller) DOC
  • The Easter Story Quiz (Suzanne Mitchell) DOC
  • The Crucifixion (Holy Family) DOC
  • A-Z Easter Story Assembly (Fiona Matthews) DOC
  • Stations of the Cross (Deb Cadman) Preview Zipped Images
  • Lent Class Assembly (Stephany Hunter) DOC
  • Lent Assembly (Ally McCabe) DOC
  • Easter Assembly (Barabbas) (Ruth Brew) DOC
  • Easter Cloze Passage (Fiona Priestnall) DOC / DFS version DOC
  • Pentecost Class Assembly (Lovern Woodhouse) DOC
  • Pentecost (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Peter Denies Jesus (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Doubting Thomas (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • Ascension Thursday (in verse) (David Barlow) DOC
  • The Christmas Story (Dot Hullah) ActivStudio
  • Christmas Carol Service (Fiona Matthews) DOC
  • Bethlehem Bugle (Gwyneth Pocock) DOC
  • Advent (Gaynor Stephens) MS Powerpoint
  • Advent Class Assembly (Lovern Woodhouse) DOC

Additional seasonal activities loosely connected to Easter and Christmas
are in the Topic/Theme Resources section


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