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Changing Materials:

  • The Water Cycle (Steve Rayer) MS Powerpoint
  • The Water Cycle (Lorna Kimberley) MS Powerpoint
  • The Water Cycle (Sadie-Marie Cook) MS Powerpoint
  • Evaporation (Sadie-Marie Cook) MS Powerpoint
  • Evaporation and Condensation (Katherine Dobbie) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Condensation Quiz (Kieran Hancock) MS Powerpoint
  • Heating & Cooling Materials (Sarah Spook) MS Powerpoint
  • Keeping Warm (WWtBaM) (Chris Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Dissolving and Changes (WWtBaM) (Chris Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • 'The Raindrop' (The Water Cycle) (Pat Walsh) More Stories
  • Room Temperature Investigation (Katy Waters) MS Powerpoint
    Room Temperature Investigation Sheet (Katy Waters) DOC
  • Candles (Ceri Shahrokhshahi)
  • Changing Materials (Chris Benson)
  • Dissolving Experiment (Chris Benson)
  • Mixtures of Materials: Filtering (Timothy Holt) PDF
  • Mixtures of Materials: Saturated (Timothy Holt) PDF
  • Evaporation & Condensation (cloze) (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • The Water Cycle (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Mixing Solids with Water (Christine Cowlard) PDF
  • Temperature and Thermometers (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Mixing Solids and Water (Chris Cowlard) PDF
  • Dissolving Experiment (Karen Blackwell) PDF
  • Changing State (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Changing Water (Jo Szyndler) DOC
  • Reversible and Irreversible Changes (Emma Bentham) DOC
  • The Stages of the Water Cycle (Jae Edwards) DOC
  • Evaporation Experiments (Helen Broadbent) DOC
  • Solids & Liquids - Changing State (James Royal) DOC
  • Temperature Investigation (Bev Newman) DOC
  • The Water Cycle (Writing Frame) (Delyth Jones) DOC
  • Condensation Crossword (Sadie-Marie Cook) DOC
  • Solids and Liquids (Sarah Pascall)
  • Changing State (Clair Moult) DOC
  • Changing State Vocab Display (Wendy Richardson) DOC
  • Changing State Display (Wendy Richardson) DOC
  • Changing State (Water) (Lou Tallis) PDF
  • Hot and Cold Wordsearch (Chris Williams) DOC
  • Keeping Warm Medium Term Planning (Jo Taylor) DOC
  • Key Vocab: Water Cycle (Kim Barnes) PDF
  • Banana Squashing (Wendy Carter) DOC
  • Ice Experiment (Wendy Carter) DOC
  • Changing Materials Flashcards (Kathryn Blatch) PDF
  • Label the Water Cycle (Chloé Goodwin) DOC
  • Changing & Separating Materials Scheme of Work (Robert Bowers) DOC
  • Changing & Separating Materials Booklet (Robert Bowers) DOC
  • Water Ice Steam Quiz (Pamela Barnard) DOC
  • Condensation (Justine Henshaw)
  • Water Explorer (Justine Henshaw)
  • Water Facts - Find the Fibs (Jenna Skinner) DOC
  • More About Dissolving Planning & Resources (Mia Stoller) DOC
  • Reversible & Irreversible Changes (A. Siddiqui) DOC
  • Izzy Icecube Investigation (Sarah Gunston)
  • Combustion (Lorna Kimberley) MS Powerpoint
  • Mixing & Dissolving (David Guest) ActivStudio
  • Condensation (Sadie-Marie Cook) MS Powerpoint
  • Condensation 2 (Sadie-Marie Cook) MS Powerpoint
  • Keeping Warm (4 Lessons) (Linda Boyd) MS Powerpoint
  • Changing State (WWtBaM) (Chris Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • 'The Kettle and the Window' (Water & Steam) (Pat Walsh)
  • Melting and Freezing (Catherine White) MS Powerpoint
  • Insulation Experiment (Stacey Buckby) MS Powerpoint
  • Keeping Warm D&T Project (Flora Day) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Evaporation Experiment (Chris Benson)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate and Vinegar Experiment (Chris Benson)
  • Mixtures of Materials: Dissolving (Timothy Holt) PDF
  • Mixtures of Materials: Evaporating (Timothy Holt) PDF
  • Insulating a cup of hot water (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Conductors & Insulators (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Changing State (Joanna Karatas) PDF
  • Changing Materials Experiments (Tony Cuthbert) PDF
  • Dissolving Recording Sheet (Paul Armitstead) PDF
  • Air and Water (Mike Woodside) PDF
  • Recycling (Steve Manley) PDF
  • All That Rubbish (Steve Manley) PDF
  • Evaporation (Jo Szyndler) DOC
  • Changing Materials ('Royal Society of Chemists: LearmNet') PDF
  • Evaporation (Lynne Hardwidge) PDF
  • Changing Materials Glossary (Gareth Monk) DOC
  • Changing Water (Lorna Kimberley) PDF
  • Changing State (Lynn Fletcher) PDF
  • Keeping Warm Lesson Plans (Linda Boyd) DOC
  • Changing State (Online Activity Support Sheet) (Lisa McIlwaine) DOC
  • Reversible & Irreversible Changes (Olivia Ridout) DOC
  • Heating & Cooling Materials (Sarah Spook) DOC
  • Rice Krispie Cakes (Sarah Pascall)
  • The Water Cycle Story (Cloze) (Julie Cruickshank) DOC
  • Pollution (Julie Cruickshank) DOC
  • Changing When Heated (Lou Tallis) PDF
  • Materials (End of Topic) (Lou Tallis) PDF
  • Keeping Warm Wordsearch (Chris Williams) DOC
  • Key Vocab: Changes (Kim Barnes) PDF
  • Key Vocab: States of Matter (Kim Barnes) PDF
  • Ice Cube Worksheet (Lloyd Story) PDF
  • Freezing Materials (Wendy Carter) DOC
  • Reversible and Irreversible Changes (Dean Robertson) DOC
  • Key Vocabulary (4c) (Julie Harrison) DOC
  • Freezing (Katherine Hester) DOC
  • Dissolving Cards (Lisa Dunn) DOC
  • Changing State Treasure Hunt (Christine Williams) DOC
  • Reversible/Irreversible Treasure Hunt (Christine Williams) DOC
  • Drag & Drop Changes Diagram (Liz Jacobs)
  • Evaporation (Justine Henshaw)
  • Thermal Insulation around the Home (Lester Purdue) DOC
  • Melting Ice (Jenna Skinner) DOC
  • More About Dissolving (A. Siddiqui) DOC

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