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General Multiplication & Division:

  • Multiplication is Commutative (Margaret Carr) MS Powerpoint
  • Multiplication (Arrays) (LT) MS Powerpoint
  • Multiplication and Division Rules (Nicola Edwards) MS Powerpoint
  • T1 U9 Multiplication (David Arthur) ActivStudio
  • Division - Repeated Subtraction (Andrew Woodcock) MS Powerpoint
  • Division Snap (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Multiplication Facts (Derivation of)
  • Gingerbread Multiplication (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Toes Multiplication (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Divisor Spiders Sheet 1 (Larissa Hughes) PDF Sheet 2 PDF
  • Arrays (Hamish Hobkinson) PDF
  • Function Machines (Mark Stallwood) PDF
  • Division (Amy Hedges) Bottom PDF - Middle PDF - Top PDF
  • Division Problems (Elaine Smith) DOC
  • Dividing Money by 4 & 5 (Joanne Gordon) DOC
  • Division Dominoes Game (Ashley Staniforth) Rules DOC - Dominoes DOC - Small DOC
  • Mental Methods Revision (Louise Pickering) DOC
  • Sums Square Multiplication Bingo (Campbell Airlie)
  • Inverse and Division (C. Williams) DOC
  • Division Dominoes (Joanne Nalton) DOC
  • Division Machines (Vicky Dowding) PDF
  • Choose the Product Games (Vicki Foy) PDF
  • Commutative Multiplication (Peter Smith) DOC
  • Division (by 2, 3, 5, 10) (Mark Wilson) DOC
  • Straight Division (Michelle Culliford) PDF
  • Straight Division 2 (Michelle Culliford) PDF
  • Using Known Facts ( BlkA U2) (Brenda Vaughan) DOC
  • Multiplication and Division Investigation (Kate Lowndes) DOC
  • Exploring Patterns in Linked Division Calculations (Louise Forster) MS Powerpoint
  • Exploring Patterns in Linked Division Calculations (Louise Forster) DOC
  • Multiplication Grids Starter (Paula Alty) MS Powerpoint
  • Division Grids Starter (Paula Alty) MS Powerpoint
  • Division Grids with Remainders Starter (Paula Alty) MS Powerpoint
  • Cooking Multiplication (Robert Bentall) DOC
  • Division Picture (Victoria Adams) DOC
  • Division Triangle Jigsaw (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Division Hexagon Jigsaw (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Missing Numbers: Multiplication & Division (Dhipa Begum) DOC
  • Multiplication Word problems (x2, x5, x10) (Cindy Shanks) DOC
  • Division Duck (4x) (Sarah Dickens) MS Powerpoint
  • Mental Multiplication Using Factors (Gemma Finbow) MS Powerpoint
  • Quick Multiplication Question Generator (R. Lovelock) MS Powerpoint
  • Multiplication "Jeopardy" Game (Helen Newton) MS Powerpoint
  • Multiplication Problems (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Multiplying two digits (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Multiplication (Ian Mason) Sheet 1 PDF - Sheet 2 PDF
  • Multiplication (Ian Mason) Sheet 3 PDF - Sheet 4 PDF
  • Factor Spiders (Larissa Hughes) Sheet 1 PDF Sheet 2 PDF
  • Division (Kevin Kerr) PDF
  • Division Spiders (Gareth Rein) DOC
  • Bear Multiplication (Judith Brayshaw) DOC
  • Multiplying and Dividing by 4 (Jon Fordham) DOC
  • Multiplication & Division Term 1 Unit 2 (Fred Daynes) Day 1 MS Powerpoint Day 2 MS Powerpoint Day 4 MS Powerpoint Day 5 MS Powerpoint
  • Multiplication Worksheet Generator (Campbell Airlie)
  • Simple Multiplication Problems (C. Williams) DOC
  • Multiplication (Lots of) (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Multiplication & Division Relationship (Rich Robinson)
  • Multiplying by 4, 5 and 20 (Richard Queripel) DOC
  • Multiplication Games (Vicki Foy) PDF
  • Multiplication Questions (Anne Richard) DOC
  • Multiplication & Division Methods Poster (Ali McNamara) DOC
  • Y3 Division Test (Sharon Richard) DOC
  • Division Splat (Jim Usher) DOC
  • Associative Multiplication (Andrew Woodcock) XLS
  • Division Sheets (Linda Cook) DOC
  • Multiplying Measures (Michelle Culliford) PDF
  • Trio Triangles (Caroline Stares) DOC
  • Dividing 2 digit by 1 digit Numbers Mentally (Louise Forster) DOC
  • Pick and Match Calculations (Known Facts) (Louise Forster) DOC
  • Using Known Facts (Louise Forster) DOC
  • Animal Multiplication (Mez Miles) DOC
  • Octopus Multiples (Mez Miles) DOC
  • Using Multiplication Facts to Solve Division Questions (Paula Alty) DOC
  • Missing Numbers Division (Joanne Pooley)
  • Multiplication & Division Arrays (Emma Bagley) DOC
  • Linked Division (Louise Forster)
  • Multiple Monsters (Joanna Cayley) MS Powerpoint

Repeated Addition / Repeated Subtraction:

  • Repeated Addition as Multiplication (Katherine Gronert) MS Powerpoint
  • Repeated Addition & Multiplication (Raj Barard) MS Powerpoint
  • Multiplication as Repeated Addition (Amy Sheppard)
  • Multiplication Arrays (Julie Stead)
  • Division Using a Numberline (Toni Boucher)
  • Repeated Addition (Valerie Ryan)
  • Multiplication Build Up (Gill O'Neil) PDF
  • Changing Adding to Multiplication (Carol Wright) DOC
  • Division by Repeated Subtraction (Richard Queripel) DOC
  • Counter Array (Andy Cork) DOC
  • Groups of (Early Multiplication) (Shirley Lehmann) Easiteach
  • Repeated Addition (Lesley Bratton) MS Powerpoint
  • Number Line for Repeated Addition (Morag Watson)
  • Division as Repeated Subtraction using a Number Line (Paula Alty) DOC
  • Multiplication & Division Arrays (Robert Jinkerson) MS Powerpoint
  • Division Using a Numberline (Kate Major) MS Powerpoint
  • Division by Repeated Subtraction (Chris Kirwan) MS Powerpoint
  • Multiplication (Repeated Addition and Arrays) (Andrea Harrison) MS Powerpoint
  • Division by Sharing (Avani Chotski)
  • Introduction to Multiplication (Jude Kuscher) MS Powerpoint MS Powerpoint
  • Introduction to Multiplication (Dawn Atkin) DOC
  • Division using repeated subtraction (Chez Owen) DOC
  • Patterns of Three (Tamsin Hall) PDF
  • Multiplying Sets (Carol Wright) DOC
  • Multiplication & Division on a Numberline (Ali McNamara) DOC
  • Dividing on a Numberline (Robert Jinkerson) MS Powerpoint
  • Division by Repeated Subtraction (with a numberline) (Richard Queripel) DOC
  • Multiplication Arrays (M A Crook) DOC
  • Counting in Groups (Lucy Hall) DOC

Division as Sharing:

  • Division by Sharing (Claire Robinson) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Dividing and Sharing (3 levels) (Naomi Hass) DOC
  • Division by 3 (Rachael Durneen) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Sharing Counters (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Sharing Equally (Shirley Lehmann) Easiteach
  • Smarties Share (Andy Cork) DOC
  • Simple Division Questions (Helen Bell) DOC
  • Division 'Rounding Remainders' (Michelle Rundle) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Sharing Sweets (1) - (2) - (3)
  • Sharing Zoo (Lesley Bratton) MS Powerpoint
  • Sharing Zoo (Lesley Bratton) DOC
  • Making Groups (Paul Smith) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Division as Sharing 1 (Carly Pitman) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Division as Sharing 2 (Carly Pitman) Smart Notebook (zipped)

Division as Grouping:

  • Dividing Using Groups (Tim Pool) MS Powerpoint
  • Dividing by Grouping (Zoe Mayston) DOC
  • Division by Grouping with Remainders (Matt Lovegrove) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Division by Grouping (Vicky Frampton) DOC

Division with Remainders:

  • Division Word Problems with Remainders (Shazia Hussain) DOC
  • Division Picture PDF
  • Remainders as Fractions and Decimals (Richard Queripel) DOC
  • Rounding Up and Down After Division (David Peynado) DOC
  • Simple Divisions with Remainders (R. Lovelock) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Weetabix Division with Remainders (Heidi Morris-Duffin) DOC
  • Division with Remainders (Jenny Synnott)
  • Multiplication & Division (T3 Unit 2) (Joanne Robson) Day 1 MS Powerpoint Day 2 MS Powerpoint
  • Simple Division with Remainders (C. Williams) DOC
  • Rounding Up After Division (Fiona Bell) DOC
  • Remainders Game (J. Balmer) DOC
  • Division Problems with Rounding (Helen Langford) DOC
  • Division with Remainders (Victoria Adams) DOC
  • Word Problems with Remainders (Steve Abey)

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