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  • Fractions 1: Mixed Numbers (Reuben McIntyre) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions 2: Improper Fractions (Reuben McIntyre) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions 3: Equivalet Fractions (Reuben McIntyre) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions 4: Simplifying Fractions (Reuben McIntyre) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractional Parts of Shapes (R. Lovelock) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Fractions Marking Ladder (Y1-4) Spring 1 (Victoria Scott) DOC
  • Fractions 5: Fractions of Whole Numbers (Reuben McIntyre) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions 6: Adding Fractions (Reuben McIntyre) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions (Quarters) (Tracey Short) DOC
  • Fractions to Order (Lisa Dunn) DOC
  • Fractions Display Cards (Jane Campbell) DOC
  • Colour One Half (Margaret-Anne McGinley) DOC
  • Colour Half and Quarters (Sarah Dibley) DOC
  • Halves (Sukina Jalaf) MS Powerpoint
  • Halves (Fruit) (Sukina Jalaf) MS Powerpoint
  • Quarters (Drinks) (Sukina Jalaf) MS Powerpoint
  • Quarters (Fruit) (Sukina Jalaf) MS Powerpoint
  • Halves (Angela Bently) DOC
  • Half (Mark Raza) MS Powerpoint
  • Halves and Quarters Shading (Jackie Simbler) DOC
  • Basic Fractions (Adam Jewkes) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions (Halves) (Lisa Mary McNamee) MS Powerpoint
  • Fun Fractions (3 dif. sheets) (Cara Hayman) PDF
  • Quarter It! (Jackie Chidwick) PDF
  • Half of numbers (Sheena Florey) PDF
  • Fractions of Shapes (Block E Unit 2) (David-Guy Parkin) DOC
  • Half or Not Half (Dhipa Begum) DOC
  • Shade One Half and One Quarter (Dhipa Begum) DOC
  • Shade Quarters (Dhipa Begum) DOC
  • Simple Fractions (Peter Dunbar) PDF
  • Fractions of Quantities (Mark Wilson) DOC
  • Shade Two Thirds (Elaine Smith)
  • Finding a Half (Kat Hester) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Fractions of Shapes (Emma Foster) DOC
  • Fractions of Numbers (Emma Foster) DOC
  • Fractions Problems (Cara Lynch) DOC
  • Halves and Quarters Shading (Gaynor Davis) DOC
  • Halving (Karen Mercer) MS Powerpoint
  • Introduction to Fractions (Emily Corble) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Fractions (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Fractions for Beginners (Carol Wright) DOC
  • Hatching Fractions (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Pizza Fractions (Vicky Frampton) DOC
  • Colour Halves and Quarters (Gwyneth Pocock) DOC
  • Fraction Walls (blank) (Gareth Pitchford) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Interactive Fraction Wall (Lorraine Oldale) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Fraction Target Board (Liz Greenwood) PDF
  • Fraction Wall (Carol Bloomfield) PDF
  • Colour Fraction Wall (Carole-Ann Balaam) DOC
  • Equivalent Fraction Strips (Jennifer Orgill) DOC
  • Fraction Wall (Jackie Launders) PDF
  • Fraction Wall (Mandy Smith) PDF
  • Fractions Cards (Joanne Nalton) DOC
  • Large Fraction Wall (Jeremy Harris) DOC
  • Would You Rather Have...? (Clare Martin)
  • Fractions Test (Leanne Wilson) DOC
  • Fractions - thirds & fifths (Rachael Wilkie) MS Powerpoint
  • What fraction is shaded? (Kate Warner) MS Powerpoint
  • Introducing Fractions (Steve Kersys) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions 1 (Gareth Rossiter) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions 2 (Gareth Rossiter) MS Powerpoint
  • Equivalent Fractions (Sarah Sergeant) MS Powerpoint
  • Smartie Fractions (Sheila Black) PDF
  • Smartie Fractions (Mandy Smith) PDF
  • Fractions Worksheets (Gareth Rossiter) PDF
  • Ordering Fractions (Nadine Turner) PDF
  • Fraction Mats (Stuart Arlow) DOC
  • Whole, Halves and Quarters (Rachael Wilkie) DOC
  • Equivalent Fractions (Christina Holmes) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Fraction Numberlines (Eve Croft) DOC
  • Fraction Number Lines (Rhodri Thomas) DOC
  • Pizza Maths - Fractions of amounts (5 sheets) PDF
  • Equivalent Fractions Match Up (Louise Macdonald) DOC
  • Fractions Word Problems (Louise Macdonald) DOC
  • Shade One Half / Quarter (Cindy Hoy) DOC
  • Fractions of Shapes (Jay Birmingham) DOC
  • Fractions of Quantities Problems (Helen Langford) DOC
  • Fraction Posters (Paula Alty DOC
  • Pizza Challenge (Heather Slater) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Fractions (T2) (Louise Cosby) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Fractions (Gateway Primary) ActivStudio
  • Simple Tenths 1 (Tony Chapman) MS Powerpoint
  • Simple Tenths 2 (Tony Chapman) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions Wall (Siobhan Arnold) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Reading and Writing Fractions (Fiona Tinwell) MS Powerpoint
  • Shading Fractions (Kevin Kerr) PDF
  • Fraction Number Line (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Fractions Poster (Ali McNamara) DOC
  • Fractions Wordsearch (Rosie Iribas) DOC
  • Halving & Quartering (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Fractions Cards (Kelly Louise Bonner) DOC
  • Equivalent Fractions Circle (Greg Hornsby) DOC
  • Fractions of Cubes (Karen Walmsley) DOC
  • Fractions Week (Emma Graham) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Ordering Fractions (Emma McKenna) MS Powerpoint
  • Fraction Sheets (6) (Richard Summerfield) PDF
  • Fractions Board (Louise Macdonald) DOC
  • Shading Fractions (Sarah Jane Atkinson)
  • Pizza Shop Fractions ( 2E) (Dot Hullah) DOC
  • Everyday Fractions (Linde Morgan) DOC
  • Fractions (Paul Rigby) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions of Shapes & Amounts (Yvonne Anderson) MS Powerpoint
  • Equivalent Fractions (Margaret Carr) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions (T1 U11 Day 1) (Louise Hutchinson)
  • Fractions (T1 U11 Day 2) (Louise Hutchinson)
  • Fractions (T1 U11 Day 4) (Louise Hutchinson)
  • Numerators and Denominators (Natasha Duffy) MS Powerpoint
  • Pizza Problems (Georgina Burtenshaw) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • The Fraction Hunter's Story (Hilary Minor) PDF
  • Simple Fraction Problems (Stephen Norwood) PDF
  • Equivalent Fractions (Kevin Kerr) PDF
  • Fraction Circles (Mandy Smith) DOC
  • Coloured Fraction Wall (Karen Holt) DOC
  • Fractions of Sets (LA) (Bindiya Bhudia) DOC
  • Fractions of Money (Rosie Iribas) DOC
  • Mixed Number Pizzas 1 (Carole-Ann Balaam)
  • Mixed Number Pizzas 2 (Carole-Ann Balaam)
  • Fraction Wall and Questions (Jay Birmingham) DOC
  • Adding Fractions to Make One Whole (Meryl York) DOC
  • Putting Fractions on a Number Line (Anne Hayton) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • One and Two Step Fraction Problems (Carrie Magee) DOC
  • Fractions Cards (to order) HA (Nick Hutson) DOC
  • Fractions Cards (to order) LA (Nick Hutson) DOC
  • Fractions (Aimi Kinsey-Jones) DOC
  • Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Same Denominators (Victoria Scott) DOC
  • Compare & Order Fractions with Same Denominators (Victoria Scott) DOC
  • Which is Bigger? (Emma Allonby) MS Powerpoint
  • Equivalent Fractions Lesson (Zip) (Shaun Kelliher) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions of Recipes (J. Adams) DOC
  • Types of Fractions Poster (Cath Walls) DOC
  • Finding Fractions of Numbers using Rectangles (Paul Wren) DOC
  • Colour the Fractions (Matt Lovegrove) MS Powerpoint
  • Build the Fraction Wall (Dot Hullah) ActivStudio
  • Fractions Equivalent to a Half (Joanne Pooley) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions (WWtbaM) (Dot Hullah) MS Powerpoint
  • Comparing and Ordering Fractions (Katherin Weeks) MS Powerpoint
  • T1 U11 Fractions and Decimals (David Arthur) ActivStudio
  • Fraction Problems (Anna Mongan) PDF
  • Finding Fractions of Whole Numbers (Hilary Minor) PDF
  • Real Life Fractions (2 sheets) (Cara Hayman) PDF
  • A Fraction of the Problem (2 sheets) (Cara Hayman) PDF
  • Fractions of Numbers (Rosie Iribas) DOC
  • Toy Sale Fractions (Kath Huggett) DOC
  • Fractions Sale (Louise Pickering) PDF
  • Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers (Becky Cheshire) DOC
  • Shade the Fractions (Melanie Osborne)
  • Fraction Wall Questions (Pete Smith) DOC
  • Shade Equivalent Fractions (Joanna Martin)
  • Equivalent Fractions (Jay Birmingham) DOC
  • Equivalent Fractions Display (Diane Hartley) DOC
  • Fraction Matching (Helen Graham) DOC
  • Equivalent Fractions to One Half/Quarter (Meryl York) DOC
  • Fraction Cards That Total 1 (Linda Kielty/Ceri Hill) DOC
  • Fraction Cards to Total 1 (Claire Richmond) DOC
  • Fractions of Quartiles (Rebecca Joyce) MS Powerpoint
  • Chocolate Fractions (Shaun Kelliher) DOC
  • What Fraction is Shaded? (Gwyneth Pocock) DOC
  • Fraction Flags (Claire Richmond) DOC
  • Finding Equivalent Fractions (Morag Watson)
  • Finding Fractions of Numbers (Jennifer Craft)
  • Finding Fractions of Whole Numbers (Dhipa Begum) DOC
  • Fraction Cake Activity & Recipe (Alison Richmond) DOC
  • Ordering Fractions (Edleston Children) Downloadable Program
  • Improper Fractions (Craig Arbuckle) MS Powerpoint
  • Equivalent Fractions (T1) (Amy Flannery) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Improper Fractions (T1 wk4 LA) (Mike Ball) MS Powerpoint
  • Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers (Priya Shah) MS Powerpoint
  • Equivalent Fractions (Priya Shah) MS Powerpoint
  • Improper Fractions (Mark Anderson) PDF
  • Improper Fractions (Arthur Daley) PDF
  • Proper & Inproper Fractions (David Guest) PDF
  • Fractions of Numbers (Sue Vaughan) PDF
  • Fractions of Numbers 2 (Sue Vaughan) PDF
  • Expressing Fractions of Amounts ( E3) (Anna Miles) DOC
  • Fractions of a Number (Priya Shah)
  • Equivalent Fractions (Paul Williams) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh Translation by Rebeca James) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractional Parts (Rachel Layton)
  • Adding Fractions (Kevin Kerr) PDF
  • Subtracting Fractions (Kevin Kerr) PDF
  • Adding & Subtracting Fractions (David Guest) PDF
  • Would You Rather...? (Clair Smith) DOC
  • Finding Fractions of Numbers and Shapes (Jennifer Craft) DOC
  • Fractions of Quantities Problem Solving (Catherine Roe)
  • Multiplying Fractions Problems (Hester Lomas) DOC
  • Multiplying Fractions (Priya Shah) MS Powerpoint
  • Dividing Fractions (Priya Shah) MS Powerpoint
  • Mixed Fractions (Tony Chapman) MS Powerpoint
  • Mixed Fractions (Lorraine Davidson) MS Powerpoint
  • Class Quiz: Equivalent Fractions (Lynne Outhwaite) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractions of Quantities (LA) (Mike Ball) MS Powerpoint
  • Fractional Quantities (David Guest) PDF
  • Fractions of Quantities (Sam Fortune) PDF
  • Equivalent Pizza Fractions (Natalie Crawford) DOC
  • Improper/Mixed Fractions Cards (Joanne Nalton) DOC
  • Fraction Word Problems (Nick Murrin) PDF
  • Improper Fraction Ingredients (Lucy Davis) DOC
  • Equivalent Fractions (Tom Bateson)
  • Ordering Fractions (Paul Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions (Hannah Smith) MS Powerpoint
    (Welsh Translation by Rebeca James) MS Powerpoint
  • Improper Fractions (Rachel Layton)
  • Ordering Fractions (Nicola Middleton) DOC
  • Common Denominators (David Guest) PDF
  • Equivalent Fraction Cards (Lisa Dunn) DOC
  • Fraction Word Problems (Jim Usher) DOC
  • One Amount as a Fraction of Another (Christine Hardwidge)
  • Equivalent Fractions Jigsaw (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Reducing Fractions (Louise Whitby)
  • Comparing Fractions (Susan Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Multiplying & Dividing Fractions (Joe Pinnock) DOC
  • Multiplying Fractions (Triangle) Jigsaw (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Multiplying Fractions (Rhombus) Jigsaw (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Multiplying & Dividing Fractions (Peter Barnett) MS Powerpoint
  • Equivalent Fraction Cards (Lisa Dunn) DOC
  • Adding & Subtracting Fractions Jigsaw (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Simplifying Fractions (Jessica Ganley) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Dividing Fractions (Triangle) Jigsaw (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Dividing Fractions (Rhombus) Jigsaw (Peter Barnett) PDF

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