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Teeth, Nutrition & Healthy Eating:

  • Healthy Eating: Vitamins (Emma Allonby) MS Powerpoint
  • Healthy Eating Quiz (Lorraine Bastone) MS Powerpoint
  • Healthy Eating (Sue Chapman) MS Powerpoint
  • Keeping Healthy (Linda Boyd) MS Powerpoint
  • Teeth and Eating (Louise Cosby) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • The Story of Scurvy (Mary Petley) MS Powerpoint
  • Eating a Balanced Diet (Chrissy De Gruchy) MS Powerpoint
  • Guess the Fruit (Linda Skinner) MS Powerpoint
  • Food Groups (Kathryn Norton) MS Powerpoint
  • Healthy Eating (L Stonier) MS Powerpoint
  • Body Parts Guessing (K. Leeds) MS Powerpoint
  • My Body (K. Leeds) MS Powerpoint
  • Food Groups (Kathryn Norton) DOC
  • Food Groups
  • Food Groups (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Food Groups (Jo Szyndler) DOC
  • Healthy Diet Pyramids (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • The Wheel of Healty Eating (Louise Felthouse) PDF
  • Healthy Eating: Preserving Food (Deb Cadman) PDF
  • Keeping Healthy (Mark Laird) PDF
  • Keeping Healthy (Lawrence Chapman) DOC
  • Keeping Healthy Assessment (Unit 5A) (Sam Baxter) DOC
  • Healthy Party (Sandra Bigley) DOC
  • Healthy Eating Game - 'Pile it on my plate' (Rebecca Fox) PDF
  • Healthy Eating Plate (Julie Outtryear) DOC
  • Food Journal (Louise Pickering) PDF
  • Teeth Poem (Jo Kaye) DOC
  • Teeth Investigation (Julia Walker) DOC
  • Balanced Diet Assembly (Bethan Dalton) DOC
  • Key Vocab: Human Body & Health (Kim Barnes) PDF
  • Keeping Healthy (5A) Special School MTP (Jenny Cadman) DOC
  • Food Facts - True or False? (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Teeth Word Search and Crossword (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Toothbrush Rap (Pauline Smith) DOC
  • Food Pyramid (Kellie Kappa) PDF
  • Healthy Food Rap (Julie Voyzey) DOC
  • Different Foods (Colette Hallinan) DOC
  • Keeping Healthy Homework Tasks (Brooke Jones) DOC
  • Edible or Non-Edible Plants (Laura Roberts) DOC
  • Food Types (Amanda Johnston) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Teeth and Healthy Eating (Anne-Marie Worrall) MS Powerpoint
  • Balanced Diet (Hajera Begum) MS Powerpoint
  • Teeth (WWtbaM) Quiz (Jarrod Finn) MS Powerpoint
  • Fruit and Vegetables Assembly (Nicola McCrum) MS Powerpoint
  • Healthy Eating (Nicola Tagg) MS Powerpoint
  • Healthy Foods Venn Diagram (Vanessa Bell) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Medicines (Kathryn Norton) MS Powerpoint
  • Teeth & Healthy Eating (WWtbaM) Quiz (Dhipa Begum) MS Powerpoint
  • Keeping Healthy (WWtBaM) (Chris Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • Animal Skulls (Teeth & Eating) (Holly Martin) MS Powerpoint
  • My Face (K. Leeds) MS Powerpoint
  • Tooth Record (Jane Lester) PDF
  • Tooth Survey (Jane Lester) PDF
  • Teeth & Eating Assessment (Wendy Carter) PDF
  • Food Labels Homework (Louise Felthouse) PDF
  • Chewing Experiment (Sam Smith) DOC
  • Exercise (Janet Holyoak) PDF
  • Smoking (Janet Holyoak) PDF
  • Alcohol (Janet Holyoak) PDF
  • Keeping Clean (Claire Gribble) DOC
  • Quiz: Keeping Healthy (Joanna Baran) DOC
  • Inner Defence Systems (Jarrod Finn) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • Teeth and Eating Cover (Julie Outtryear) DOC
  • Food Groups (Louise Pickering) DOC
  • Healthy Words (Sara Wilkes)
  • Healthy Diets (Lynne Dearlove) PDF
  • Teeth Assembly (Bethan Dalton) DOC
  • Dairy Products (Lisa Stephens) PDF
  • Human Body Assembly (Vicci Jeffreys) DOC
  • Food Puzzles (Peter Barnett) PDF
  • Food Groups Song (Pauline Smith) DOC
  • Human Body Treasure Hunt (Christine Williams) DOC
  • Scurvy Worksheet (Kellie Kappa) DOC
  • Food Groups (Hayley J Harris) DOC (Zipped)
  • Teeth Game (Kirsty Lochhead) DOC
  • Teeth & Eating Assembly (Sinead Ryan) DOC
  • Health Diary (Hannah Steward) DOC
  • Water in Fruit (Jenna Skinner) DOC


  • The Heart and Lungs (Sue Chapman) MS Powerpoint
  • The Heart (David Guest) PDF
  • The Heart (Mark Laird) PDF
  • The Heart and Blood (George Finnie) PDF
  • Pulse Rate Experiment (Sam Smith) DOC
  • Heart Rate Graphs (Jonathan Powell) DOC
  • Digestive & Circulatory System Follow Me Cards (Naomi Cundy) DOC
  • Exercise (Rebecca Hall) DOC
  • Exercise (Nicola Tagg) MS Powerpoint
  • The Human Circulatory System (Paul Williams) MS Powerpoint
  • The Body (Pam Mackey) PDF
  • Our Body (Template) (Laura Roberts) DOC
  • The Main Organs of the Human Body (Robert Drummond) PDF
  • Pulse Rate (Lynn Fletcher) PDF
  • The Heart (Online Activity Support Sheet) (Lisa McIlwaine) DOC
  • Pulse Rate (Amalia Dessouki) DOC

Moving and Growing:

  • Human Body Presentation (Edleston Children) Downloadable Program
  • The Human Body (Krisi Dover) MS Powerpoint
  • Joints (Nisha Sehgal) MS Powerpoint
  • Bones and X-Rays (Sarah Cooling) Smart Notebook (zipped)
  • The Skeleton (Gary Harvey) Smart Notebook (zipped) Notes
  • Moving and Growing (WWtbaM) (Angela Mance) MS Powerpoint
  • The Skeleton PDF
  • Skeleton Worksheet (David Guest) DOC
  • The Skeleton (S. Leslie) PDF
  • The Skeleton (George Finnie) PDF
  • Human Body Sheets (Diana Tunnicliff) ZIP
    More like this at Di-lite Creations
  • Skeleton Assessment (Louise Pickering) PDF
  • Skeleton Measurements (Kate Edwards) DOC
  • Moving and Growing Assessment Checklist (Zoe Aspinall) DOC
  • Moving and Growing Loop Cards (Jo Luckhurst) MS Powerpoint
  • The Skeleton (Gary Harvey) DOC
  • Bones (Sherrell Brotherton) Downloadable Program
  • Moving Around (Nicola Kilgour) MS Powerpoint
  • Muscle Groups (Sabreen Chaudhari) MS Powerpoint
  • Moving Muscles PDF
  • Muscles & Movement (Chris Benson) PDF
  • Links: Moving and Growing
  • Bone Word Bank (Valerie Ryan) DOC
  • Animal Skeletons (Jonathan Powell) DOC
  • Moving and Growing Assembly (Sarah Shardlow) DOC
  • Skeleton Worksheet (Louise Pickering) DOC
  • The Skeleton (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Moving and Growing Vocabulary (Kate Hind) DOC
  • Moving and Growing Quiz (Amra Shahid) DOC
  • Key Vocabulary (4a) (Julie Harrison) DOC
  • Moving and Growing Planning (Kate Lowndes) DOC
  • Measuring Body Parts (Michelle Ross) DOC
  • Height Investigation (Jo-Ann McGary) DOC

The Senses:

  • I Can Smell (Sarah Scott) MS Powerpoint
  • Sense Trip (Valerie Ryan) DOC
  • Touch Experiments (Kate Francis) PDF
  • The 5 Senses (Louise Fowles) DOC
  • What Can You See? (Helen Chapman) Flash (web)
  • What Can You See? Worksheet (Helen Chapman) DOC
  • Smells Experiment (Gillian Watson) DOC
  • Match the Senses (Chloé Goodwin) DOC
  • Smell and Taste Test (Kirsten Williams) DOC
  • Senses Fun (Laura Roberts) DOC
  • The Eye (David Guest) PDF
  • Senses Assembly (Nicola McCrum) DOC
  • My 5 Senses (Nicola McCrum) DOC
  • Tasting Apples (Liz Hazelden) DOC
  • Senses Booklet (Trudy Parkin) PDF
  • Match the Senses (Cherie Van-Bellen) DOC
  • The Five Senses (Holy Family) DOC
  • Senses Walk (Peter Bateman) DOC

See 'Light and Sound'
for more eye/ear material.


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